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Correspondent Karen Travers. President Trump's spent his thanksgiving week pardoning turkeys thanking troops and airing political grievances chief Justice of the United States even got an ear full. Karen? Yeah. This is something the president is not happy that a federal district judge in California this week Erin blocked his plan temporarily to crack down on the Silom seekers. So what the president did earlier this month was issue? A proclamation saying if you wanna see political asylum you have. To do it at an official port of entry right now under US law. You get into the country, you can seek asylum, and the there were immediately legal challenges, the ACLU and other groups said, the president can't do this through a proclamation. This is settled US law. So a judge in California. Agreed and that has set the president off this week, and he is very upset with the ninth circuit. He's called it a disgrace, a complete and total disaster. He says these decisions out there by liberal leaning court are making the country unsafe. We saw a very striking surprising unprecedented response. Aaron from the chief Justice John Roberts who issued a statement saying that there are no Obama. Judges is the president likes to say there are no Bush judges. There are no Clinton judges. There are just judges Aaron each be surprised that the president had to have the last word. And then another last word another last word and kept talking about this after Roberts put out that statement. He says that Roberts can say what? He wants. But the ninth circuit is a problem for him. But he did later say that he has respect for the chief Justice. Karen, the president also weighed in once again on the murder of Jamal has Shoghi widely blamed on the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, but President Trump said it's in his America first policy to maintain a good relationship with the Saudis, and he seems to be at odds with his own intelligence authorities and yet he's trying to say he's not at odds with them because the intelligence community has not reached a final conclusion. The administration is trying to say that the US government hasn't reached its conclusion. But we are told that the CIA has had a report and one senior official says it it makes it clear that it's blindingly obvious. That's the phrase this official used blindingly obvious that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, ordered the killing of Jamaica Shoghi, the president this week on several occasions. Aaron has said, maybe he did maybe he didn't. But. He's making it quite clear that even if this is something handed to him in black and white as a memo he does not want to jeopardize the US Saudi relationship. He says it's too important economically too important for the global financial system that oil prices, stay low. I think he is certainly teeing up another example here where even if there is a solid conclusion, which she says, we might never have we seen the president in the past not take the word of the intelligence community, of course, on Russian election meddling where he continues to cast doubts on those assessments the president and his family spent the holiday at his golf resort in Florida and the president thanked American troops. Karen, he said the country should also be grateful for him. This is like Trumpian answer as we like to call it. He was asked what he has thankful for on the thanks giving holiday, and he I said for having a great family, but he also said for having made a tremendous difference in this country. The president said he has made a tremendous difference in. The country is stronger now than it was when he took office. He did in a phone call with military commanders serving overseas say that he and the first lady are very grateful and thankful for the work that the US military does all around the world ABC news White House. Correspondent Karen Travers and another week ahead. Karen? Thank you..

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