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Surgery coppers. Now, former owner is charged with animal, cruelty and disorderly conduct news time. Eight eleven from the navy discounts higher traffic center, here's Karen Stewart bound cross I'll Parkway is certainly getting pretty tightly here office of state again. This is northbound pretty much all the way up to the E. And then we're jammed on the westbound L I E out of Long Island getting that northbound cross island Parkway ramp. We've got southbound cross island Parkway delays to and that's from bayside marina down to the e. And then it's a nice clear shot. The Whitestone expressway's jammed northbound trying to get up into the Bronx bound Whitestone bridge, the queens bound side of the bridge. Slammed as well feel free to head over to the neck bridge. It's lightened up since we last spoke those pothole repairs seem to be done over on the Grand Central westbound draft central Parkway traffic, very heavy into one hundred sixty fourth from back at belt boulevard. And then we're jammed up again on the westbound Grand Central city fields all the way out this way street, and the Brooklyn queens expressway is jammed on the westbound side from green point avenue down to flushing avenue. Eastbound traffic mess off the Brooklyn-bound Verizon bridge, and you guessed it up to Atlantic avenue is what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels at the Hudson's. It's forty five that is the number inbound all three Hudson river crossings, and we're sponsored by major world dot com. When buying a car before you sign another jotted line, which may include huge add on fee. Stop at major world, you only seventy five dollar dealer. The price negotiate is the price you pay plus checks GM be major world. No games. No gimmicks. Major dot com. Open seven days a week one eight hundred major auto,.

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