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Couldn't reach those here is a genes i'm like no no no no no we were porco thin rolls arrive at commod loyd is gone sweeter do you goes to where you sit at these gambia will go on as we go on swear come on next it up will you have these holy bill a couple of games you remember anthony poindexter do you remember his some you get it i do they appear the be like the man and he was going to be a great football player in the nfl and i went to one game by the entirety of my nfl career because it week baresi play on saturday so the entirety my career we had a bye week i went down to watch them play and see state mmhmm and who look good last night by the way that we helmets this was my first year and this is why didn't go again anthony poindexter standing around a pile some dude comes flying over the pile yup tears up his knee ripped everything out acom sia pcl ends of you know not getting drafted nfl career may get drafted still by i think the the ravens nb late like 700 as yet him that he was pretty late he just hung around for a couple of years but one of the best players ever played against really that was the only game i went to and so i have ever the back alive daves thirty at duke broncos ago winner bronco her their spouse you have an honorary reading a bit the bills hall of fame wide receiver bills or one of those and this is where it's tough in the nfl this admittedly whether it's you know not just deal picking games for our six packer picks it the spread and all that stuff it's you know he is still trying to find out like i don't think the bills or quite ready are you real never know save big with.

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