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North Korea must be better known for its brutal regime than its feasts. Birth South Korea becoming more familiar with cuisine from northern neighbour. Thanks to escapees who brought their recipes with them across the border and that has inspired at least two one shift from Seoul to breach the peninsula's culinary divide more Nichols Jason Star the reports. The Restaurant Jinshan is located down a short flight of steps in what is known as a half basement. It's the kind of partially subterranean layer. That's meant to be a bomb shelter in case North Korea attacks. So maybe it's fitting that cuisine from above the border is what's on the menu here. Chinchillas head chef legion. Ho is prepping with his three sous chefs ahead of the dinner hours. I ask him what he's chopping up on the cutting board this spring onion. What kind of dishes would you use this in here at the restaurant reuse this spring on your for the Congress for one meal which is which is a signature dish? Which is come from This korea bottles of North Korean. Soy Sauce and Ginseng. Alcohol are on display in the restaurant and on a small table are four. North Korean cookbooks. That Lee somehow got his hands on south. Koreans aren't allowed to travel to the north. And there's no trade between the two Koreas. Lee gives me a tour of the kitchen hostage and we do like in monkeys Dumplings Mondays. Dumpling and also we do like sausage which is so we make Sunday in here. And we sting leap. Who's thirty-seven trained in New Zealand to cook Italian French and Spanish cuisine? He only learned to make South Korean dishes about a decade ago and has since published a cookbook solely says when Chin Chin's owner approached him about creating an entirely North Korean menu. He was ready for the challenge but there was just one problem. Oh actually I had no idea what it's like because I never tried in my life. I don't even know what it is and I never soon someplace who sells North Korean food. Every South Korean is familiar with at least one North Korean Dish Nang me on noodle served in an icy broths. But that's been around for decades. Lee wanted to offer more contemporary North Korean Fair. So he went looking for help. From North Korean refugees. There are about thirty three thousand. Who have defected to the south most within the past decade We budget most Korean lady a Refugee Yup. And she's sure how to do it when you started learning about North Korean cuisine. What surprised you about it. I actually surprised because insults growing food. We don't really make spring onion oil. Which is a day. Saute the Spring on an oil or really low hit to make it like oil flavor a spring spring onion flavor oil in South Korean food. We we would never do it in that way. And in South Korea they use a lot of chilis in every dishes is very spicy in South Korea. You can easily find food which is red. But it's quite hard to find red food in. North Korea and South Korean food is also a little bit sweeter than most great food because in North Korea. They are really hard to find sugar. His shoe is really expensive in those some of the items on. The menu are quintessential North Korean market meals. Like in Jogi which means artificial meet its ground soybeans and rice stuffed into Tofu skin. And there's a noodle dish called Noma Gook Soo that I as well as Lee had never seen in South Korea is that you cannot find. I never seen it. I never heard before and it's really hard to make that compete to Pasta Pasta flour. Egg Yolk This this noodle has potato such an flour and buckwheat and some soult like leaving associates will really make hot to make into fit texture. Lee explains that in globalized South Korea North Korean cuisine somehow seems more authentic and he thinks that's why his customers want to try it so those Korean is changing moody. I about food coach these days a lot of young people. They don't it much Korean food so they they like to eat like hamburgers places. Mexican food is big here and we love Chicken Fried Chicken. I think we love fried chicken more than anyone in the earth. Lease Korean customers aren't all from the southern half of the peninsula. He tells me that some North Korean defectors have dropped by to what North Korean customers. Tell you about the food here. Oh really liked it. They will really pull in those career so day and they will try it in your life. Artificial meat out of your. It's kind of ironic. That North Korean has to come all the way to South Korea to try food from their hometown. This one can't survive on artificial meat alone to help wash that down. Chin-chin has a very well-stocked Fridge. You have quite a beer refrigerator. Here with some selections from all around Asia so we have improved along McHugh. The Tae Dong River Veer puts this is not for sale. Just North Korean. Beer tastes good. No try the deployment life so so really just for show got just supposed to Lee says trying. North Korean beer is at the top of his list. If someday South Koreans are allowed to travel above the border for Monica and soul. I'm Jason Structure and to you with the men you want monocle twenty. Four.

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