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The ability to have a small. It's a small little win smaller changes and you know it's easiest doing to push ups after. Up or waking up by the Maui. Abbott which is saying today is going to be a great day right on the tiny things transform. You maybe in the next when we get back together. We'll talk about how that works and how I know that works. But what essentially happens is even as you feel successful in these tiny things your identity shifts the way you think about yourself changes to be much more positive the way you deal with challenges or opportunities in your life shifts and it doesn't have to be massive changes that get you there. It's these tiny things as long as you feel successful at them that then leads to all these other positive things and that's what the subtitles about the small changes. That change everything. It's the way you process the world where you feel emotions. The way you experienced emotion that I call shine and you do that by displacing one to doing push ups pouring a glass of water. Not by running marathons or You know taking twenty thousand steps every day. Now it's Momentum right when she star you can send you right. That's the whole thing right as a big part of it. It's it's a change in your ability to change your confidence to change and really important that shift in identity that something. I saw research pretty early and I wish little sewage by it. People are changing their identity within five days. Because that's what the program was launched in two thousand eleven five day tiny habits program and I had to look carefully and it's like Yep people are thinking about themselves differently and then that leads to perceiving the world than Acting in the world differently with the much ripple effects is that. Why when you say that will be no. Today's the Mary Abbott. You've named after your friend abode stepping stepping on the floor and saying today's going to be a great day it does it. Does it change the synapses or neurons in your brain to be more positive are what is it now? I think I'll just think you set an intention and or if you're feeling doubtful you at least you open the possibility and you will have a great day so it's just seven words but I'm some of my friends who are really into intentionally that like. Oh you're setting intention it's just exactly right And and that Some of these things Like the practice of celebration. The MAUI habit started as techniques and then we can look back and explain why they work and that's totally a legitimate way to discover stuff. You don't have to do an experiment. In fact it's really hard to do an experiment. The tiny habits method came out of a hacking stuff like. Let's hack the behavioral attack. What the prompt is. Let's hack emotions in worked and then you can explain why later it worked. It didn't start from reading theory on deriving a method. Okay so academics are not going to like me for this but facebook twitter. Google instagram zoom does not start as theories and then they. They started as practical hands on things and we can look at them and say why they work. That's how tiny habits evolved as well. It was like it was a set of techniques that worked it did not get derived from theory and so many people think. Oh we have to read all the theory in them will know how to do the techniques. That's like let's read everything up plants in the world. Then we'll learn great cooking techniques and you can explain those may be conceptually but you actually work with people who know the techniques lead to great dishes. Those start with theory and then try to derive a method from theory. I hope I could. I don't hate me for saying that but that that's how you create things that really work. I mean look at the everything you know things that are really popular. People use did not derive by reading theoretical papers. You're not offending me. Just any academic. Some people will be maybe gave a cat would be upset. Or it's not worth me. Probably though I attrition and where you can actually measure. Physiology is a kind of a different thing. Social Science. Social Science is way harder than Physical Sciences. So she does not get the credit for that. But it's way harder than chemistry astrophysics Radovic. 'cause you're dealing with human beings dealing with all these variables you can't fully control so absolutely not. I mean that's I mean that's why I love you because you're very on instant your real and I really love having you on this podcast. So thank you for taking all this time out. Talking to me in everybody and I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Harass you again though I not to talk to you again. You have such great questions and you put me totally at ease and I shared things I showed before so there you slap. I'm so happy to hear that compliment for me. You have no idea. I'm so happy to hear that I really am. I loved your book and I honestly would if you stay in that too. If it wasn't true and I really do think everybody can get something out of it and it can really tweak and help people's Habits and behaviors ship for the better especially in a time like now. Let me tell you right. So thank you tell dem say hello making you bring is making. Everyone goes needed. Any email thing I need a denny. I do maybe income to La after the smoke. Quarantine things all over. I love it. I would love to meet Danny Battalion for you. Sounds amazing. I'LL GO KILL THEM. Featured in the show he definitely was. He was a star. Actually people find you if they want to know more about about websites. Pj FOG DOT COM and tiny habits dot com. That's probably those are probably the easiest ways and you also have these tiny coaches ninety headed hoses like some young people can certify with me and train become certified coaches starting point there is still tiny habits dot com and so we as coaches just an amazing community man. They're stepping up to the plate right now. I'm so proud of him. That's amazing that's a whole other podcast. Right there but Articles Dixon Habits and hus- Tom Akita Ronin. Stay up on the cry. Don't stop keep it going. Habits us from Minnesota hosted by Jim Cohen visionaries. Tune-in gets not be inspired. This show moment excuses. We haven't met the habits and cast power have this..

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