Harry Truman, Joe Joe Scarborough, President Trump discussed on Mark Reardon


Hey, it's great to be with you, and it's especially great to be with morning. Joe Joe Scarborough, former congressman author, of course, the MSNBC Morning Joe Post Saving Freedom. Truman the Cold War in the Fight for Western civilization, Harry Truman After Roosevelt died in April of 45. Harry Truman had more difficult decisions to make over the next six months to two years. Many historians, police and any president since Lincoln and He seemed to get everything right. You know, he left he get on this train went back to independence, where the 22% approval rating. But Winston Churchill said no man did more to say what's in civilization than Harry Truman. And now historians, even if we all don't know the Truman story in great detail. Historians say he's a great or a near great president, Randy Tobler. Saturday mornings on FM news Talk 97 1 Mark Cox Morning Show. America is about freedom, not tyranny. America is about the fact that at the end of the race, not everybody's happy. Not everybody gets a trophy. It's not always about what's fair. Weekday mornings, 5 to 9. You're listening to the any fresh l E wanna keep my message short and sweet. We can't continue to follow these.

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