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Almost five thousand yards right and there's about forty seven dis this year at oklahoma state but then again you know when you listen to greg he talks baudis teed these guys from the goals welken rice paddies numbers right and then tell me on that worked out i know that but i think this kid is bigger stronger and has all the measurable is that you love of of the previous calls right than spend a lot of time underneath center and you wonder about the whole system quarterback thing i guess casses same thing about baker mayfield but atlanta's the last time a big twelve quarterback at a great nfl career i mean do we have one bradford was has been okay rights and brive rao oklahoma has been okay it attacks of vince yang was a disaster disaster turkey state quarterbacks luv now texas tech tcu is mahomes watch tcu as are bred rifle in since ninety dole maddow wherever they might not have been they might is still banned in the mountain west okay when he was there i don't know if there were big twelve yet it'd be careful with that arcos from 2013 car well here yell let's say oh this is 2013 of this and ryan johnny hill josh freeman robert griffin the third sam bradford kordell stewart steve grogan king when dickey this is what i'm saying john heigl there you go and troy aikman oklahoma usually i'll i'll give it he transfer of other county does he has got here now count the top of that list is is grow can right yes mm all the top was actually they have a queen number one well without rick data does not count john handle i but i would not know enough hands all that i remember rohitha glenn dickey kansas they grove in kansas estate kordell stewart colorado bradford oklahoma griffin of third baylor penny hill a enam freeman candy early tiny held might be second this is my point i hear you need this is not good for so you're going to tell me that both padma homes in baker may villa going to work out and mason rude off that all of a sudden and.

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