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National academy of sciences looks at both the economy and one size or the private economy and then they looked at the cost of the tax payers on the other style and they can find notes to and basically the vast majority of immigrants are statistically that is for the past tears economically beneficial and for the ifp economy if they come here and they work or if they spend money here then it's also beneficial so it's a net positive uh for americans it can of course the more positive uh and that's why i think we need to be a little selective and when we let in uh to the united states especially focusing on keeping out violent and property criminals people who are national security threats people who have serious communicable diseases uh and people who are likely to uh or at least their statement to be very very dependent on me tested welfare benefits people led that are well let me let me ask you do things feet letter driving around right now saying net net gain are you kidding me net positive they they're drain on the system they don't pay taxes all they do is avail themselves of welfare in in different services social services at cetera paid by citizens and the second question well gun answer though in first yeah yeah no art wego if you're a legal immigrants and you come here on a green card you don't have access to the meat tested welfare benefits for the first five years the only exception to that is like emergency medical care if you show up at uh and mrgins zero the if you're illegal immigrants and you come here us zero access beneath tested welfare benefit than the united states with the exception of the emergency room um no matter how long you've been here if you in a work permit i can h one be visa or student visa you don't have any access either so they pay all the taxes that a normal person pays now illegal immigrants to um not pay as much as other people because they you know they cheat on their formed that cetera uh but the estimates are that they pay they fill out their odd w choose them their other forms uh tax forms about seventy five percent of the time prime but the.

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