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Help people to the pandemic. The payouts would go to California residents making less than $75,000 a year. While the numbers are very clear this morning, California Funeral homes are overwhelmed is covert cases. Surge all across the state? Can't be case Aubrey Aquino joins us now, Aubrey. Good morning. I know you did some digging, made some phone calls. Let's talk about Northern California, the funeral industry here. How is it being affected? Well, we've heard the stories out of Southern California refrigeration trucks being called in to handle. Ah, flood of bodies a slower process to remove and bury those who have passed. And while it's not as bad here in Sacramento, the head of the state's funeral directors association says march are starting to have a tough time keeping up. The first heard hit in the summer. I think General Holmes acquired additional storage capacity during the despite continue, so they were in better shape when this started, but I don't think anybody really expected No, the bawling and look desk that has occurred. And so certainly I think more so again in Southern California, there are refrigerated vehicles in some hospital parking lots. There are funeral homes that have brought on additional capacity over and above what they added. In the summer, and they're still being overwhelmed. Bob Ackerman admits the industry is being completely impacted from top to bottom from planning funeral services to holding them. The options are limited. Cremation is, um you know an option, but even that is being taxed. You know, in terms of capacity just to handle, you know all all there all the people have died, so it's really a great, very difficult situation. He says here in Sacramento area and in the Bay Area there, certainly seeing ah big increase in volume, But at least for now, it's nothing like what they're experiencing in L. A county. So Aubrey will our local funeral homes be prepared to handle and even higher number of requests if the situation here becomes more dire? Ackerman says he believes Sacramento funeral businesses are prepared for it and they're dealing with it in the short term, But in southern California, they're still seeing cases where they can't handle the capacity so they have to remain as vigilant as possible. You know, Holmes, you know, have to safeguard their own staff and all this process If they lose somebody to covert either symptoms or heaven forbid death just can't replace these people. These were all trained professionals. No license. You just can't bring people in to help out for short term, so it's keeping the family safe the staff safe and still trying to help them navigate the process. He also mentioned his organization is working closely with Cal. Oh, yes, who've been setting up mobile morgues and helping with staffing shortages, But people working in the industry are using as much caution as possible to stay well and keep serving in the community. All right, Aubrey. Thank you very much. Appreciate the update, You know that Just that throws another wrench into it. At a time when people are grieving, I mean, covered 19 aside if you lose a loved one to another illness. It's a It's a tough time to begin with. All right, right. And you make a good point. I mean, if you lose someone to cancer or heart attack or so forth, I mean, you still have to abide by all these covert protocols and the grieving process. Now you're not bringing the family and friends together, right? So at least having to do so. Virtually just another challenge for us. 5 49 is a time we're approaching 5 50 time to check on traffic with Ryan Nobles on a Thursday morning. Good morning, Brian. Good morning. This report is brought to you by the California office of Pablo. Gambling still have a dense fog advisory. In effect, pretty widespread, dense fog advisory in effect right now not seeing that part, But that doesn't mean it won't form before the morning is up. But if you're super commuter headed westbound on, I 80 out to the Bay Area, Not a delay inside. No fog all the way across the causeway things so good all the way through David sticks and back. Email Fairfield all the way to 6 86 80 looks good into the East Bay communities of Concord, Pleasantville in Walnut Creek. Really no significant delays on I 80 headed into San Francisco. Maybe a little mild flowing started build on the break a bridge. But at this point doesn't even look like everything that what had a minute on here from you. If you're suffering from problem gambling helps available from the comfort of your own home for no cause confidential problem Gambling counseling, call 1 800 gambler or text support to 53342 traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. Fog around the area.

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