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There's more fallout from the Netflix miniseries that dramatizes the events surrounding the central park, five trial. The New York Post reports Elizabeth Lederer told Columbia law school, Wednesday that she would not seek reappointment as a part time lecturer due to negative publicity generated by the series, when they see us letter was the lead prosecutor in the case in which five teenagers were wrongfully convicted in the nine hundred eighty nine rape. And beating of a woman jogging in central park. The law school dean said in a letter the miniseries, quote, reignited a painful, and vital national conversation about race identity and criminal Justice letters move comes after Linda fairstein, who headed Manhattan's sex crimes unit at the time was dropped by her publisher. I said the series was full of falsehoods charged the director dismissed. The sale of sealed video evidence in the murder trial of Marian shook night has led to a no contest plea from his business partner. Mark Blankenship entered the plea Wednesday to account of conspiracy to obstruct Justice prosecutors say, Blankenship, and nights girlfriend range, to sell surveillance video from a competent hamburger stand that shows night, hitting two men with his truck in two thousand fifteen one of those men died TMZ bought the video for fifty five thousand dollars after a judge in nights, case at Bard its public release Blankenship was sentenced to five years of probation in order to pay fifty five grand in restitution to the hamburger. Stand is co-defendant toilet Kelly pleaded no contest who conspiracy in two thousand seventeen and received probation and community service night is serving a twenty eight year sentence for pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter. I'm Tim McGuire US central command is released video reportedly showing the crew of an Iranian patrol boat, removing.

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