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Issued a air looking at climate change and what we can do in our state now will be part of the discussion olympia a republican led coalition has controlled the washington state senate since 2013 but by very narrow margins a special election to fill an open seed and the seattle suburbs gave democrats the opportunity to win back the majority for npr news i'm austin jenkins in olympia washington president trump is warning other nations to do more to stand up to north korea npr's scott horsely has more on trump's comments of south korea's national assembly trump says the united states is not seeking confrontation with north korea but he has the us won't run from conflict either and he noted the presence of us aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines in the region trump challenged other responsible nations to join forces and do more to isolate the north korean regime i rick your izzo now is the time or strength if you want you much and strong at all i trump tried to add an exclamation point to that message by making an unannounced visit to the demilitarized zone on the border with north korea but heavy fog prevented the president's helicopter from landing scott horsely in seoul this is npr news the air forces investigating its handling of information on the texas mass shooters criminal history that an kelly was discharged from the military over the two thousand twelve assault of his former wife and her son the information was not submitted to the federal database shoes for background checks on gun buyers kelly legally bought the three weapons used to kill twenty six people in sutherland texas on sunday he died of an apparently selfinflicted gunshot wound.

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