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Well rents here in. Texas are through the roof trying to rent someplace is his crazy. Or i'm sarah you probably. Oh you're still living in the hotel. Aren't you yeah. Sarah has permanently moved into a hotel. She's now decided she's just a hotel girl. She's going to be live. Ching on your house yet because mine's going to be done in two weeks. Oh my gosh. Really yeah congratulations. Just a week. Who weeks it's done yesterday. I just posted this video on my on my instagram. I was going to bed last night. And i walk into my bedroom. Which has my parts of my living room family room. A little bit of my office sure And and and it's all in my master bedroom and so i took a instagram Video of it. And that's when i. That's when i discovered because they told me. Oh be too. you know. it's gonna be two weeks two weeks or a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks is all going to be done and So i was just kinda scan the room until i got right next to my nightstand. Where the the face plate four. The dishwasher was living. And i'm like i think is gonna be longer than two weeks. I just think it's going to be a little longer than two weeks. But maybe that's just me anyway. So shelter is up two point. Eight transportation services are up six point four. Now let me get to this one. Because they're blaming this all on cove it all cova doll. Cova coleman cold carlton. That's why it's going to be transferring. Transito you know. It's not all cove it because where is where are we really getting. Hit listen to these numbers. Energy overall is up twenty three percent. So you're paying twenty three percent more for the energy sector. Yeah could just add onto that clinton the all the spending obviously is a huge part of this to multi. We spent five trillion dollars. Covert have another five trillion around the corner on infrastructure and basically green new deal with a different name but the green new deal part of this multiple trillions of dollars at around the corner. He's going to make that number much much worse. Not just because of the spending but because what we're going to do is take away cheap energy in implement expensive energy so it's going to get in mali where love relying on opec now. Our our solar panels were willing shirk. Our our gasoline is up forty one percent four year over year. Forty one percent say.

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