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Saw that you can go the of bob you should score aberdeen deadly in the opening. Exchanges on started to find a we of australia. A few parties together from twenty minutes almost created a couple of chances and there was a few concealments in celtic defense as they cuddled one from the hand say but it was elected. Swing close on your mind. Ramirez was pause evita's away sailor was apparently but the beggar can see for me was he was very close to the end up will. It shouldn't become into account by contributing to that and be guided. It should be alarmed. So yeah that was slightly concerned. And what would see that. Point out. You know come as the area by bobby madden makeup any movie hud with really really cheap foes all over the patch and exemplified the to sail to give away twenty seven to aberdeen tin. Which is just ridiculous. Any contact nibble condone and any kind of contact we had from bodine was ofo. So that's coming up again you meet to be exceptional to overcome referee's not that's just not the week that's going to impact at some point in the same advocate as you're as not several abc. We lost on through today when they gave them. Which is today. Celtic lebron's so david. Tom boo tom absolutely nothing. No i'm buying in local sail and b. he would suggest in tombo was getting the l. account as of your thurs process verlaine. But you kind of get beautiful. So i just couldn't understand the logic and that one beat unpacked public in fact clumsy wanted to be fair and then your top one percents. Maybe assessed nobody can sell aberdeen. Space from janis. Pathetically one on kyogo. What the younger eight bark leaves a market on kyogo and then a good for rest of the game has it has been folks are strange bunch of funds really thrown at georgia. And he's gone stuff. Just liquid is a good occasion. It was a good tussle and we came out and etiquette to go away and it could have been a draw..

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