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And I wanted to know what this was before going on with the interview. I want to thank you for listening to the show. If like an episode and feel that it helps you inspired you in any way. Cherish with your friends may be willing inspire them to. If you have a question or a team that you'd like to see covered in our interviews you can now simply go to anchor dot FM poor slash Papa. Peachy recorded message to the featured the episode and be sure to follow up a peach. Young as to tutoring instagram and to subscribe on your favorite podcast at the end of the previous section. We so how inish found her way into the domain of cultural promotion. And how she she was about to be propelled into the domain of community support. So I did. I was too tired and I did not know what to do. In the meantime I had two kids not just one I had my second also and they were very small and I had a nervous breakdown. I just collapsed subst and I did not know what to do. It was too much for me. I remember I had the feeling I have all the warriors of the whole community over my head so it was a very very difficult time for me and for a year I could not do do really. I couldn't do properly. Anything and I knew this was a turning point. I had to turn the page because otherwise to to pledge will not turn ever I would stay there forever or not even stay so soul at some point. I had a medical help I had. I want to the upside colleges and I had everything to do. I did therapy everything because it was really a very very difficult moment for me. So after the therapy gathered myself together and I asked myself again the question what will I do next and I know I knew I did not want to continue this social thing and difficult. It was to be this NGO had grown too big for me and I decided to come back to Portugal with my kids and luckily there were old so almost Immediately some Group of people they decided. Okay we'll take your NGO from now on so it still works without me which is wonderful something credit and legacy i. I don't do anything for this. Enjoy and they still work in. This is for me a very very nice thing so I decided to come back to come back to Portugal and you know I I was like my whole life. I had been the best of off these in the best of that and now I'm just I want to go back to to studying and to learn things. This would be a nice thing to do instead of. I'm trying to resolve to solve the problems of the whole community. I'm going to do something which is good only for me just for me you know and maybe it's good for me. Maybe in this way maybe knows indirectly. Maybe I can help others if not. It's okay so you gave a lot. It was a heavy load on your shoulders. Your Body. You're you're you suffered and you had to take a break and then pivot to something different. which was is more taking care of yourself and your your curiosity and your will to learn more right? Yes exactly I. I wanted to do to to do something just for me and to center on my own needs and on my only intellectual needs because after all I I had been away from academia and from University for seven years so I decided maybe I'll go back so I decided to call call one of my teachers from the time. I was awarded back then the best student of the University of every I called him and he's a very very very Renowned an important musicologist in Portugal soul. He's Emily musicologists means is doing research on music music and I. I told him he was very very nice. Invited me to take a coffee at his place and I told him you know I just want to. Oh come back. I don't know maybe I don't know possibilities and he was like you could do PhD PG No. I I majored in. I graduated Eddie in opera and I did not want to combat to opera. I did not want to do something with his. It was this which had been turned so many two years ago so I remember he was okay. Well I don't know what do want a cup of coffee. Maybe we'll talk after this. Can I fix your cup of coffee. Oh yes thank you please do. So he went to fix this Cup of coffee and for a few minutes I was was there in his living room. And I saw these wonderful Portrays and lots of images he had in in this living room and some of them recognized that there were this description of something which happened in seventeen in the end of the seventeenth century as the the Portuguese. Not The queen. But the daughter of the Queen went to She married the King of England. So there was this huge embassy coming from England to Portugal and they took her to go to London to marry the king. And I recognize this image. Oh this is this one. Oh yes and he was. My the teacher came with a cough. Oh yes but to NASA wide. Oh because my my late uncle which had passed away less than a era go by then my uncle. He studied the the seventeenth century. It was some one interest of his. And I remember as a kid too I remember being at his place. And he's showing me this this whole images and talking. You know I I love this thing and I love the to know the the things which the travellers back then told about Portugal Ogle and about what they saw because this was one point at my uncle studied back then so I remember I recognize image because his image depict something that the travelers at the time saw in Lisbon and my teacher told me but there you have you have a wonderful thing to study on your be it that that that would be very nice. What would yes? You could take your German skills. You could read some about the German travelers who came came to Portland to report reported about. And then you have you can do your PG and musicology you talk about music but you you have this a a bondage to your to your uncle and two euro the things you like and it was like oh so I was very very thankful because I thought this. He's a great subject and so I started. It was three and a half years ago so I'm now finishing my PhD in musicologists so About the German gays the music portable in the late eighteenth century according to German travelers. And this is one of. I love the subject. I my whole life now turn to this PhD. Into I spend my whole. Today's just looking at some old eighteenth century German manuscripts in Cohen Shrift which is the their their gothic manuscripts Wave is horrible and I love it so seven years after I stop I I after I ended I did my. I concluded my singing my opera course and manny many years after I stopped my bulge because I came back to academia and I'm writing my PhD. And since then I already published lots of papers in international venues. I do do lots of talks. I get invited to talk about the subject. I discovered that I have lots of things to say about this such which which fascinates me. So now I'm back to the academia writing a PhD about music about the eighteenth century. So this is really a well you know life his moves in particular ways and minded. It's a bit of a roundabout way to come back to the studying into doing a PhD but clearly an and people are not seeing you. But it's something clear you love and you enjoy doing and I guess you could go to sleep reading those things that you just mentioned and and how. How does that translate into meeting New People? Maybe traveling to go to talks the how. How has that impacted? How does that brought new things into your life that you thought? Maybe maybe you wouldn't do because I started a family and now so you came back to Portugal rates to do this. Yeah how is it to be back. It could be now in this other universe and in this theme that you love so much. Well I have to say I am very glad that that my life turned in all this ways oldies confusing curves and roundabout in. Because now I have this maturity which turns out it's very very good for me from pgn for academia. I think I would not see things the way I do if I was twenty years younger because you know in this twenty years between going going to biology for the first time and writing the now I did search An amount of different things and all his work with the kids and everything all this our life experiences which I can use from a PhD. And I do use them. And maybe you know people tell told me that I have this Different kind of way of looking to things and that I sometimes can tell things in in a way they never thought what about and I think this has to do with experience. The thing is i. I'm I'm forty two three now so I started my pg with forty And actually elise a great thing. I'm very thankful in very glad that I did not start my PhD. With twenty or twenty five because I would see things differently in would not have recognized some things you know. I read the text of some guy or a woman who lived two hundred and fifty years ago. Go and of course. There's there's I read what they wrote but are also with what didn't wrote I see you know. He's straddling the hand. Maybe he was old. Oh She oh ooh I know oh maybe Zeller's or or his doing some you know I see yes this intersex quality. It's for let me something very easy to to see because I have two kids because I had a breakdown because I lived in a different country because I did. I studied science because I studied singing because I was an opera singer..

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