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He and his girlfriend gone to a fight and he stabbed her after she stabbed. ABC him quote. My girlfriend and I had a fight. She stabbed me with a knife stabbed her back and I think she is gravely wounded. He told told the dispatcher. That Margaret was not breathing and asked multiple times whether he should perform CPR when the dispatcher asked Anthony whether he was holding the knife life where the knife was. Anthony said multiple times that the knife was on the floor and quote. We were both fighting for the same knife. Police arrived at the scene within five minutes of the nine. One one call and found Margaret Daniel lying on her back in the kitchen bleeding badly and not breathing. They found a knife in her right hand. Hand autopsy discovered that Margaret had been stabbed three times in the chest and seven times in the back in addition she had cuts to her stomach and defensive wounds to her forearms and hands. Investigators say that in the twenty minutes before calling nine one one anthony pray called three of his his relatives and told them he had stabbed Margaret. Anthony pray was treated for cuts at a hospital and then booked into a Cook County jail. Where where he is being held without bond the murder charge against Anthony Praet has renewed interest in the investigation of the death of his wife? Bridget praet on March first. Two thousand eleven bridget. praet was discovered. Dead after the couple's car which was being driven by Anthony crossed is the center line on Pyatt road in the community of Lake in the hills. Anthony praet claim the car collided with another car and spun off the road hitting a tree three. He told police. His wife was unbuckled when he lost control of the vehicle because she was reaching to get her purse from the back seat. First Responders bonders noted that the passenger side airbag had not deployed the Chicago Sun Times ads. That Dr Mark Wittig the pathologists who conducted at the autopsy on Bridget Praet said her injuries were not consistent with a car accident and she may have been dead before the collision the autopsy found no fatal injuries leading the examiner to find the.

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