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That I have ever seen to where he had he had alternate game jerseys and pants and socks and t shirts and underwear and no every time the guys came back into the locker room they had had some dry to put on and they could get the get the water off of them and it was incredible I mean not only our own team but I mean there was the pre-game the pre-game was unbelievable to with the amount of VIP he's came came by and the development office which is bringing into the the equivalent room because you know somebody who didn't have the right rain jacket or something every carew Hazlitt was taking care of our players that he's spinning around and take era of the ultimate compliment I'll put compliment today here in the office was John faulk praising Gary has let the one of the greats of all time recognizing another another great John Fox that he said it's one of the most remarkable jobs he has ever seen in football and he said Gary just made it look easy and it was so seamless with with him in the staff and everything that they did it was it was it was amazing getting an endorsement from Winston Churchill it really is you're right a couple of stories as of When he was here we go with that came about twenty minutes yeah so we continue talking a little bit about the Michigan Notre Dame game because you talked about second third week early in the season you were looking for that second run act to go along with Zach charbonnet in the backfield and needless to say Hasan Haskins his come about the and one that job and he was absolutely terrific Zach the running game overall but almost a hundred ninety five yards combined between the two of them just terrific yeah really really good I mean Assad was running inside plays he ran trap he ran power or he ran outside zone inside zone and you know sometimes there was holes there and sometimes it looked like it was going to be attacked oh for a loss and he picked out two or three or four yards of the really good backs are the ones that can get more than what a plays block for the plays black for zero you know they they find a way to get to you know if it's black for two they get four if it's blocked for six they get fifteen you know it's and that's that Hassan Zakar both showing that kind of ability both freshman Asana redshirt freshman and and Zaka true freshman and also true Wilson you know you back to full health and he had a heck of a good ballgame to and Good to see Chris Turner who you know some of his wraps the Dow but he's you know he's done everything he can to get on special teams he's on kickoff now and he's he's trying to get I'm more special teams and and he really showed you know real flashes when he got into the ballgame late and so did and Ben Ben Summer in as well but you know those two backs of have really taken off and they're getting they're getting better and better and getting getting more and more of the of the Rapson and doing a heck of a job do one other thing you mentioned the running game tight ends in often in the running game and and then the blocking and there's there's two or three of them that you have to come in there and really put their nose on people the way the fullback you was to do and then Ben Mason sprinkle him in there a little bit I watched I watched watched him a little bit he gets locked on a guy I mean it is it is he aches him for a ride as as the other tight ends due to I think we'll get tremendous production out of that group Yeah Sean mccune has always been the guy that's you know really lead the way ah the blocker and set such a great example and Nick eubanks you know is really taken off as a blocker he's he's really made that an emphasis and he you know now you it's tough to tell the difference between Shaw mccune and Nicky banks when they're blocking Eric all when when he who knows who to block as violent as as good as as you could ever want and he's and he's more and more every single week really getting dialed and to who to block Luke Kuhn maker has has really ascended as a football player pass catcher and and as a blocker because you just got it you just gotTa do it in that Room Sharon Moore has done a done a great job of that a source of pride and blocking is is the name of the game and that will lead to the to the receptions and and and things of that nature so that's been terrific and he said you point out Ben Mason of course that's do we have a more favorite player on the team I don't think we do and then the the the not in defense every time he was in the game in the back there is forty two forty two's right there he's right there he was you know where he's going who is blocked ah you guys are doing a great job with him as you laid him up and he can where you come across the four may not always running direction the old days of the wall back salacious linebacker I know he is coming back we'll take your right to the ball it's not anymore blocking the defensive end on the other side he could be blocking the defense and to his I could be in in a certain himself in blocking any linebackers along the line of scrimmage and not just him I mean the other tight ends are doing that too I think that's really in have gotten better to the receiver blocking is is improved you know really steadily especially over the last two three weeks and they're they're sending that that that played a huge role in rushing for over three hundred yards in the game true Wilson's touchdown the Patterson answer or returning back to big ten plays guys out to Maryland this weekend early thoughts on heading down to play the types yes it's always a tough ball game every team we everything we play is he's really good and Big Rogaine force and we were completely dialed in now that this is the most and you know this is the biggest game on the schedule and put together great game plan and we preparation and practice will be key and we're GONNA have to we're going to have to play our best Daddy ought to tell the story I just thought of talking to somebody earlier the debt Perry with Perry would say about a game I mean they're good before they can they could blow us clear out of the stadium and we're good enough to blow them clear out of the stadium it's PRI- in reality it's going to be there you go all three ways locker five minutes before you on there you get your helmet on the sweats come down over your call it come on and Fellas fellas commodity close nice and towed I I've got this game figure it out I've watched a lot of picture he's didn't call it film Lotta pictures on this team and again I'm pretty well figured out this team is good enough all of us right off the film telling you good enough to or you know what we're good enough to blow them right off the field or this could be one a hell of a game and we're all thinking blow us out we've blew them out what else can happen screw that up I said all three ways by that's a reality that's I mean if we play as good as we're capable of and they don't play as good as they're capable of I mean you can and you could blow them out or they could play as good as they're capable we don't play as good as we're capable and they're they're good enough to blow us out or both teams as good as they're capable let's one heck of a game I need to apologize you said very very well one thing I love to hear my voice the listeners of course I screwed that up turps and we will of course talk more football next week so you've probably heard of shy Nola detroit-based design brand known for luxury timepieces maybe you go down main street name you see the Shinola store they have unbelievable watches coach and apparently they got an even brand new watch that matches everything in our wardrobe the Wolverine detroiter so the I call it the Wolverine it's Beautiful Watch it's it's got the the maze face and only watch where the the shy nola company has has been my favorite Tom Carsodo says honoree captain here for us multiple occasions agents and he's a he's a dear friend and 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