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The attorney general as well uh dan glickman facts were you there's more breaking news we're following president trump gets closer and closer to releasing that controversial republican memo alleging fbi abuses sources say the president feels it will help them discredit the entire russia investigation that a us missile interceptor fails to hit its latest it's it's targeted this latest test will that encourage kim janghoon whose rushing ahead with his aggressive missile programme stay with us you're on the situation work he's income crazy a monster unleashed i caught a man obsessed swatch hatched a city in fear monday's onto your teeth the hunt for pure evil begins outlet at keller swac eyes fixed on the vessel a novel daniel brutal who give it had the kota fatty now's the man to do evil the aim is limited series ladies at 98 central on tnt following breaking news and a growing firestorm here in washington a senior administration official tells reporters president trump is old k with the releasing a very controversial republican mental alleging fbi surveillance abuses and the white house probably will inform congress about the decision as early as tomorrow a us official tells cnn the fbi still has grave concerns about this memo despite talk of possible reductions let's priggen our specialists so to discuss this and more gloria it looks like a lot is being done by the administration to call into question the entire integrity of the russia pro by moeller now that's right and that's what this is about this gives them away to muddy the waters not only the new nets memo but you're going to have an inspector general report that comes up probably some time next month that the administration believes will not be helpful to law enforcement and this allows them to.

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