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Hello, welcome to extra time, and it's been a roller coaster motion steel ropes. And over the last nineteen minutes, we have some technical issues. River may MRs flights, but we've called, oh, we have Wilson. He was. I've never ceased to that quiet client. Can we drag it time on like. Anyway, I, it's got thirteen minutes having the public. Yeah. New problems. It's the loss flight, ten o'clock Boston, right? It's a bit of the thumb a lot going on the way. Fits all. They go horribly wrong. You've been checking everything. Check everything. Okay. Can you go? He's trying to Delhi celebration. You Do do. Shang. Point fingers on the impossible to do. How'd you check all elect shack? Stent. You must be twist your finger. Twist that. Other, no God. Can you do it. No picking your is. Oh, oh, he's looking. On the co kind of reciting that'll call. Win the challenge. You want? Definitely one time for some genders. Is there an gender against months? United marine? Yeah, because Marino is one three charges but still gets criticized clump spent more money than him as want any trophies livable. Yes. There's no nothing against Marino I think. Are we back to three trophy sing? Yes, community, she'll usally. I thought I thought even my chest United finds kind of said no nos nonshedding to no, the still, yes. Okay. Interesting. We suggest that you could get more these the moment and he's doing why? Is there an anti bullying agenda on his Hefzi and people? Yeah. We have. Really well because maybe didn't think they're gonna win Champions League. One of inside that they had problems, and he's an expert raffles volume fan and he said that to problems he's biased, partly Gabon. You haven. I don't hate buyer and in fact, they absolutely stomped older. I Frankfurt last week, German SuperCup maybe people are down on them because of the gerrad Scott didn't really out anybody over the summer or maybe some people aren't big on Niko Kovac. You've never, you've never liked sense. This big. You've never liked fine since sensual. I'll be only heat hits out, Beal realized. Can shag a hill he's defending keep is even when they make horrible mistakes, especially in the eleventh goalkeeping Riddick it seems every game is decided about Goldie mistakes. It's a union requirement that I defend people's no matter what Casey Keller in will. Will. I'm pretty sure he's got the conquer in member. The Chris on g when you make mistakes. Czecho- keep. His never mentioned in the goat on. Don't come. His. Stands for racist tone. It should should stent being there somewhere. Well, then. Ten great time plays. None of them will be going Levy action. Pete shoots. He's definitely knowing. Why why the gums or you know. Like. Even offer shining ins. Michael, she's never lived at them onto. In criticizing cruelly. Everybody makes this even apart from this show, what was your most embarrassing moment as a professional?.

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