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Or aviation kerosene. Choose your grade that fuel didn't come from the ground all the carbon that you release burning it you took from the atmosphere when you made it so in the net, there's no carbon emissions, and that's a way to help decarbonised. So what if we don't decarbonised and reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to avoid dire consequences, David Keith is leading research into a drastic measure to turn down the global. Thermostat. It's called solar geo engineering, the idea inject large quantities of sulfur dioxide, or maybe another aerosol into the stratosphere using high altitude aircraft, this should lower global temperatures by reflecting sunlight away from our planet for how it sounds like an idea hatched by JAMES BOND villain, and David Keith is keenly aware of that Jewish airing seemed like a bit of a crazy idea. But there was a taboo, and I think to boozer unhealthy, and my view was we should understand it better to see just how crazy it really is. Indeed, he's been exploring this idea since nineteen eighty nine and over the years it's made him a bit of a scientific pariah. Senior colleagues would tell me this would ruin my career or people would kind of like wanna move away from the elevator. This topic was just toxic and the mainstream climate science community. Just didn't want to talk about it. He may not have had scientists on his side, but nature has been running solar geo engineering experiments for millions of years. In.

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