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Israel osce ever right said gap well the adventure it just hanging out to dry with this sets up the jury put him in a position where he was able to look really really really bad overrated what does it mean is worth one hundred fifty million no probably known as 10 million no he's a very very skilful player was a huge part of of psg success in these last few years he's he's getting better i think by yet one of the worst nights of his career against bank and again if doesn't sign a new contract wacky guy besides buyin would any other team him tim has gone i i'm not sure biron would want it i don't know what is the thinking because he's he's german i think with his wages and the fact that he's going to be on a free transfer in the summer i think he can help a lot of teams that he's going to be motivated after what after what he's a busy by the same token you're talking about huge financial commitment to a guy who's those pushing thirty so i i don't think he's going to have any issues finding a new club frankly what's exciting to think about a ahmad invaded s that guy been and i think that's always gotta be a question mark right when you're earning a guy into a club busy going to show up to get a new everything he hasn't i'm not sure is going to have the options that he thinks he's going to have a lot about i i think a lot of clubs would have measured it was big issue is as report and so naro about a big club rugby clubs are willing to take all not weeds booed and probed for his each build a team around the trump cabinet is that you guys i i don't think anybody's gonna accused me of pro german by is here.

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