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Five. Hello. Hi. This is Dr CHU. I was looking to speak with David. Who is this Dr CHU? I know. Sounds like a sneeze. Putt. It's not. It's my last name. I like to tell people, I'm allergic to last names. It's pretty good. I'm david. Oh, wonderful. David your girlfriend, Sarah is with me in my office right now. And actually I wanted to give you a call to talk about something you have a moment. Yeah. I didn't know. Yeah. I didn't know. I was I was part of this process. Sure. Well, yeah. She says that you encourage her to come down here to get a breast augmentation. I don't know. I don't think encouragement is the right word. I listen, listen, if you're encouraging her to do it, that's fine. Trust me, a lot of guys do she just mentioned that you really want her to get a boob job. And that it was a big thing for you. And I was like, hey, why don't I just hop on the phone with them real quick and go over some details. I mean, she can do whatever she wants, obviously. But yeah, I mean, I think it'd be it'd be cool. Okay. Yeah. Trust me. Hey, it is cool telling you from experience. Is there a size that you had in mind? I asked for a reason like two sizes Iger, right? Okay. Here's what I was thinking because we can definitely get that done. And I'm wondering if you'd be willing to help out a bit can I guess perfect. So I was talking to Sarah. And I asked if she was happy with your body. Oh, I don't know how that's relevant with the law makes sense here in a second. She said that you do have a bit of a gut, and she showed me a picture of you. And it looks like you are carrying a little extra baggage around. I mean, I think everyone is a little bit. But it's not it's not problem. She said that to you. Yes, she did. But here is the good part. Okay. Because breast augmentation can be expensive. And nowadays science has allowed us to suck the fat out of one person and put it into another. So if you want Sarah to have some bigger boobs what we do is. We can suck the fat out of your midsection put it right into her chest, then you guys both win. Yeah. I thought it was like plastic. I mean, you don't know that's old school. So this is the only way. Well, it's not the only way it's the best way in my opinion. And it's cost effective works out for both you guys she gets what she wants. You get what you want. I was I was thinking just old school. I don't. I mean, I'm fine. How I am. Okay. I saw the picks. I saw the pictures. Okay. Well, I think I know which when she showed you properly in. That's not that's not how I look. But listen, I'm sorry. If that sounded insensitive, I'm a doctor. There's no judgment here. But you are a little tubby in the mid section, and we can use that to our advantage. She gets new boobs you get less of a midsection. I also another added bonus when we put you under to suck the fat out of your stomach Sarah also requested that we give you an extension down there. And I'm going to do that free of charge for you. I'm sorry. What will extend that little thing for you. Yeah. I don't I don't mean. Excuse me. Those are her words not mine. The little thing comment. I would never say that. I'm a doctor. She she used the word little thing in told you that you should extend it. I think it was little it was either little tiny camera. You know, you get the point. I don't have any problem like that. Okay. I don't have a tiny or little anything on my body. And you know what? Even even if I did that'd be between me and my doctor. Okay. I I don't think you should be setting up surgeries for somebody else are a appreciate you. I appreciate you saying that. But she did show us a picture and myself and all the other nurses in here. All agree. A picture. She showed you all picture along with your stomach. She showed us a picture of that. And I thought it was a little bit undersized. So did a few of my staff members. So we all kind of agreed. Go go get her on the phone because I need to talk to her because she should not be showing pictures of that at all anyone can you put her on the phone. No. I can't do that at all. Because this is actually Jubal from Brooke and Jubal in the morning doing a phone tap on you, your girlfriend, Sarah set you up. What what are you talking about put Sarah on the phone? I can't it's a joke g told me that she wanted to give you a bad time for asking her to get a boob job. It's a prank phone call. I'm not a doctor. She's not in my office. And I really don't know if it's tiny down there. Okay. Okay. About this. Sense now, she's not getting the job, I'm assuming right? Well, not not that I know of right now at least, but you know, you might wanna think about the thing..

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