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Shit. What what are we talking conor mcgregor. Jeez louise people kicking the wrong way. Ninja video rolfast of him being like him playing. Craps do you remember that. I think sam senate are group. Nah oh man Where was it old on. Not maybe not code. He's turning into meena is that i got it. I got money. I got it. Where was that god. All right never mind. Oh yeah you better be ready for the saturday row. Why shooting missile right right. Yeah but you're you're in with this kid right here and he's got fast fingers. It's a game show. I don't know what it is. You haven't told me what it. Oh we can talk about it. And i no no i wanna i wanna be surprised. Fully surprise yes. I don't want to know what it is. Okay all right. So it's just like the one i'm trying to find. Him is a video of playing craps. He's playing crabs like you play crabs right in front of and he's like picking which ones and he's like turning them to make sure he's like doing the superstitious shit. Yeah just like a dude with blue hair doing like ninja doing that. It's just looks absurd. Yeah and then. There was like four pictures of him with fans at the casino and dude. I don't know why he looks so awkward. Doing just normal shit. you know. it's just. I think it's that hair and the way we know him. Yeah we him as do screens at his computer. Bro undefeated the undefeated. Ufc champion is leg. Breaks yeah i mean crazy ended that fight. I was really really like disappointing as a as a viewer. You know yeah. I mean i get it. He's injured all the best speedy recovery. Everything that i'm saying as a person who spent sixty seventy bucks on the fight. Whatever and you're sitting there and it's like all this pent up energy and We're all sitting there like on the edge of our seats sitting there. Were like eight people. Were like oh my god. Oh my god and then no yup. So what so. The last i had seen was. He threw a front kick and dustin elbow. Like comes down wraps oh positive thing. Yeah good old. Joe as another video of him kicking the back of the leg and i and it looks tennessee ankle. Kind of take like a weird ankle. A weird angle sure but it has to be that elbow. Maybe i mean it because he broke the lower half of his tibia wasn't even the ankle really as lower half of his leg So that's gotta be super long recovery. Maybe you know Chris wideman was back within like a couple of weeks was he was like a month or something. So you know as wild about that whole situation. There was like this. I don't know. I guess special moment because Wiedeman he actually. I think anderson call them like right away after broke his leg. He's like look. I'm gonna tell you you're going to be back up and walking in three weeks. Just trust me as so wiedeman as a podcast now and it is his little moment anderson where he's just like dude. It's been on my mind for years like celebrated after you broke your leg. And he's like i just need to publicly say i'm sorry and it was kind of crazy because anderson just cut off. He's like don't say sorry he's like this is fighting. Yeah you don't even think about this shit. When it happens you could tell wiedeman really broken up about it. He's like no no no. I have to sorry like i'm sorry. Congress is like get whatever but there will be no apologies in this scenario yeah connor. He looks sad broke connor. Yeah he just looks frustrated. He looks like we looked. that's how i looked after. Yeah i'm sitting against the wall me something bucks for this man again. It keeps happening. Pay for these fights. And that's your nothing happened and that's your friend that you invite to watch mma for what happens so what was going through your mind when you pay per view is totally wasted. There was no check fucking and i. I wasn't even tapped. In on. Like the i guess. Kill you and your wife some idea. I watched the press or on youtube like the day before And then realize like some serious animosity here from connor Basically like i'm gonna kill you. You're gonna die in the ring. You're gonna go out on a stretcher. That's what he said. And then connor exits the ring on a stretcher. Said they're like mystic mac. He predicted one thing. Someone with a stretcher. It just sucks. It was really good. Fight up until their to he was gonna lose you. Think so hundred percent a hundred percent says kind of a blessing then he was getting up on the ground is they're going to be a rematch. Think he's taken those elbows to the no. He's getting beat up. Oh my god that looked what alina is a big fan of l. savage now heard thing is like he was all right like he did. Okay i mean he almost got him in a choke. Yeah i mean. I think dustin even said like there was a moment where he thought he might have played himself because the choke was pretty tight. So that part you know. It's not like connor wasn't all there wants to elbow started coming down. He just looked sort of like you know. I don't know. I could have seen it going back to that place and imagine his legged in a fully break but it wasn't fully right either. Same thing would have happened is mobility would have been killed and blah blah blah blah. Blah actually looked sad because like his legs busted. He's like sitting there talking like supervillain your wife semi dmz. Yeah baby come see me that you last man law seal off that they had. It scored ten eight and the dozen. Thanks kid with leukemia. And the yeah crowd man. No that was a good thing for doesn't it do. I'm saying sad for connor clearly. Like a man. Yeah and i don't know he just i. I think that's a wrap. Your wife is your wife. All of liberty's oh yeah a rep for connor. Yeah sad. I wanna see i wanna see rematch. I would watch this shit that i'll do buy it again. I fuck it. I just feel like his body is not in it anymore. Fighting to me like this thing where.

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