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The three locations we have Las Vegas again blue diamond in the south Rancho in about mid Las Vegas I'm due to Las Vegas in the medical district and then all the way north at centennial you MC has graciously loaned us three sites to offer this genetic testing with and Las Vegas appointments are limited so sign up now healthy envy dot org I would suggest it right now in fact will have all the links and everything on the talking solutions Facebook page along with a podcast of our discussion today they show up when people are getting ready to actually take the test yes and we're getting ready to do this in a few minutes it's simple yeah the only thing I don't do it for this test I don't drink any water or chewing gum or mince or anything for thirty minutes thirty minutes and the reason for that really is we want your saliva it helps with analyzing the genetic code better it's going to take about fifteen minutes for the consenting process so if you walk in you had something fifteen minutes ago usually you're pretty good but we like to say thirty minutes that your helix account so you can look at the results down the road you're all set with that you get this little test tube that's right I never had anybody request that please spit into we offer privacy screens because with forty thousand individuals we've also seen a lot of uniqueness and abilities to stand or how shy people become when the spirits well it's not something you do in public well I Jones we are athletes that came in with our whole eighteen sixty eight soccer team up in the north we'd love to test the Las Vegas soccer team as well but the players came in and they actually made a competitive it was quite fun one of them held their spirit as long as they could and spitting one quick little okay it was a competition so we've seen it all easy it's fun it's free you're going to learn more about yourself if you could possibly imagine it is the healthy Nevada project Michelle Frank rich one of.

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