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Scruggs top of the key to hard-driving the right side of the lane pulls up real floater and mails it and he is found on the play. Look like he was gonna drive all the way to the hoop abruptly stopped. Just under the free throw line rose up with one hand flipped his wrist buried its wished it. It was found on the plate potentially a three point play for art Joe. The thing about basketball is when you're aggressive with the basketball good things happen and allies heart and just caught the ball was was ripped through the defense and made a strong move to the basket and was rewarded is he goes to the free throw line and finishes at three point play. Kyle cast has got to do more things like that allies heart place, always downhill JV, lease nineteen a driving layup by Moseley is no good rebound. Taken by Jones for the musketeers nine eleven to go scrubs cautious. A time line in the first half working on the perimeter to Jones a pass to the top of the key is a -ticipant at taken away by law. He drives the floor for easy to hand. Duck. There's a pick six as I like to call it. Not a defender in sight to try to stop that play a v six turnover by Xavier. Who almost again Jones picks it up this time. Just out of the grasp of LeBlanc went for the steal again. Now pass into the paint the ball's knocked to the sideline knocked out of bounds. And that ball will stay with the musketeers Jones dove. After that Jesse go van the man the knock it away in the paint. Started down the block ended up with a pile just that they? Feet of all the Georgetown players under bashes the player slid into their feet. Nineteen to eleven April. Eight eight forty to play in the first half. Thirteen on the Shacklock for the Muskateers Ryan. Well, it's just checked in see if he can get freed up for three or Dave your work against a man to man defense Marshall takes it turns the corner left sideline. Throws it up off the blast running hook shot. Good for to the Bank shot. High off the glass, Joe Marshall is almost as comfortable finishing with his left. Even though he's a right handed player. Twenty one to eleven Xavier leads with eight twenty one to go at the free throw line, go van with basketball ball's knocked out of his hands by Scruggs recovers it. Right side of the four to Moseley down the baseline back to go. And he goes no shot blocked by Jones. We've got a technical foul. That's going to be on a musketeer. Was it Hankinson blocked that was he celebrating that. Apparently. I don't know what happened. There will look at the replay monitor. There's some taunting or whatever it might have been by musketeer. And that's it. I didn't see it. So that's still to be determined what bike hankins actually blocked that side thought it might have been Jones is van one for the dunk hankins blocked.

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