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Stained glass people sometimes that's what people think of when they think of saints. These are the people who are in stained glass or a statue is made of them or dead. There's a prayer card. But do we think that we could be Saints? That's what all of us are called to. There is a universal call to holiness. But when we think of Holiness and we think of saints. We think well, maybe that's not attainable for me. Of course on our own it's not it's done with the grace of God. And it's done in the everyday Acts. Of goodness and compassion and kindness and love that we show to others. Particularly the beatitude people the people that most people would think are not successful. on this side of life and yet they're the ones the beatitude people. Who the people and stained glass? usually served the poor the struggling the suffering the meek the peacemakers. These were they were often also beatitude people themselves. Maybe they were persecuted. Maybe they were insulted for the sake of Christ. But we too. A call to sanctity we too are called to more. Even if their sins that we commit the Lord offers us forgiveness. and the scenes of understood that the solemnity of All Saints is really not about the stained-glass people. It's about the people some of whom we maybe have known in life. Who are now with God in heaven? Everyone who is with God in heaven? is a saint they could have been our next door neighbor a relative. a friend they lived ordinary lives. But they lived them in faithfulness. to Christ everyday holiness Is about living our everyday? love compassion kindness gentleness meekness and a willingness to be for God and for the other. and not be focusing simply on ourselves our own power our own desires our own way because that way will not lead us. to Greater holiness and lead us to Greater selfishness cell focus and often just pain and difficulty and a struggle that we may wonder. Why are we struggling so much even if we might be successful in the world them maybe that emptiness that's within an emptiness that can't be filled by the things of this world, but can be filled by doing for God and for others by being off living what Christ calls us to be to be for the beatitude people to be not simply caught up in our own desire in our own ways and in our own selfishness but to move outward and when we move outward, we are living more for Christ and when we do this Thursday, We are headed in the direction of a Heavenly Home. Even if there may be a time even after our death or or we need to be purified. We're not going to be probably perfect on this side of life. Perfection is not the point faithfulness says faithfulness to Christ and to what he has called us to be. Because we are all called to be Saints to live for Christ. We may not end up as stained glass people. a statue may not be erected of us or prayer card made of us, but we can live lives for Christ and when we do We will truly experience what it means to be at. Peace because we are living wage for him and for him alone. May the charity of Christ her Jocelyn. The Catholic apostolate Center has many resources. Just go to Catholic apostolate Center. Org. May God bless you. Our prayers are with.

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