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Welcome to good morning football presented by NerdWallet. We are live here in New York City. It is Wednesday, August 10th. My name is Jamie urdal alongside Kyle grant Peter schrager and a Super Bowl champion Jason McCourty. And for anyone that has little kids out there, they share your germs with you. So that is why I sound that is why I sound the way that I do. And if I get, if I make it to 9 57, it's a good day. Well, we're glad that you're hearing. Well, thanks. Thank you. Okay. All right, it's time for the lead block. There we go. Let's start right here in New York. Unfortunately, the jets are dealing with a potentially big loss to their offensive line. Former first round pick, Macau bacton is expected to be out for the season with a fractured kneecap. He will get a second opinion, but head coach Robert sala acknowledged yesterday that he'll miss substantial time. And he spoke about beckton as a player and as a person. With social media in this world, we dehumanize these athletes and the worst way imaginable. Mackay is walked in this building and he is taken every single punch you can get from every which way and he shows up and he works his tail off and he grinds every single day. He shows up to camp and he's fighting to get himself back in shape. He's got videos of him vomiting and people are throwing shade and he's limping and he's doing all those different things and he's fighting for this for his family for himself or his teammates for this organization for this fan base and he's doing everything. And then everybody wants to drop him like a wet rag. Add in the case. We love Makai. We appreciate everything he's done and it's his ride is not over. His story is not over. That's awesome. That's certainly the kind of sentiment that you want to hear from your head coach. So what do we think about Robert sala's reaction to Makai Becton and the potential that he might be out for quite some time? Man, I loved it. I mean, as a player that's gone through season ending injuries, it's tough. Physically, obviously, you have to rehab. There's a whole process, but mentally. Like you're away from the team, you can't play from a Kai Beck and a young guy who's dealt with injuries. Everybody's going to be saying he's injury prone. I remember I was on the team, went through an injury, trainer comes to me and said, hey, we had the Super Bowl tomorrow. Would you play? I was like, I do everything in my power to go out there on that football field in place. It's a Super Bowl, very next day head coach walks in. I'm in a train run. Hey, if it's a Super Bowl, you play, but you can't come out here and practice. Wow, okay, end up having surgery missed 12 games that season. Same time at that injury DB coach comes up to me and was like, hey, a 75% shoe is better than some of the other guys we have if you can just kind of will it together. Like you can go out there and play. Last year in Miami, get hurt, have to have surgery. Last play in my NFL career was an injury. Limped off the field. So the mental approach it takes to rehab to come back to be able to go back out there on the football field. From a Kai Beck, are you here everything that people are saying? It's not like you can just block it all out. You know what's going on. So to have Robert sala, I say to things he did about him and the love that he has for him. I mean, that's incredible, especially for a young player to hear and receive that. I think there's an extra layer with beckton. He battles weight issues. This is a guy who in a world of mental health where everyone's so inclusive and says they talk to talk. You see on Twitter. This guy is just a complete pinata because 370 pounds, 400 pounds. We don't know if he could play. We are the first round pick, all these things. He got himself into shape. Like, he did the work. And he got there. And then to have this injury happen, it's so heartbreaking. I think what salari hit on there is that we dehumanize these players. And I think that was a good reset for everyone, knowing that this guy wanted to play so badly his season's done. And yet what he's going to hear is you fat slobs, something like that. And he's a 23 year old kid. It stinks. I feel fair back then and kudos to Salah for stepping up there and actually defending his player. Big time. And we're going to get into this in a second. I don't know if the Jets have the horses yet on the field this year, but I know they got the leader and personal story. I got to meet and spend a little bit of time with Robert sala the summer and my God, the presence. It's everything you hear. It's everything. And look, we do what you do, you come across football coaches, you meet them, and eventually you kind of get to the cliches and the stereotypes and you're sitting there talking to a coach and you know he's going to go into that mode where he's like, well, I just really eager to get back to work and back in the grind. No. He sits there with his wife sana and they talk about their 7 children and they're enjoying themselves and they're relaxed and they're supportive and he looks you in the eye and he's like really talks to you like a human being and like Mimi coaches and what we do. I've never met a coach for the first time and come away as impressed as I was with Robert sala. That quote about Makai Becton true to form exactly what you hear about him walking the walk like they got the guy. I believe in that man, I was ready to run through a brick wall for about a solid meeting and holding a vodka cranberry. Imagine if you're like in the trenches and you just had your lower body get injured and your coach comes out and says that. I don't know if they have the horses yet, but I know they have the leader. I love that guy. Yeah. Well, everyone, these coaches, especially, I think they pick and choose their moments to be supportive of these players. And I think Peter, what he did here too is he got ahead of what could have become really nasty for a high bacteria because it has yet to be confirmed as to how severe this is. But essentially, he said, stop whatever is about to go down before it even began. Because it really, my heart breaks, this is brutal from a Chi back to him because the writing is on the wall now for him. And not only will he have to fight back from physical injury, but from a stigma now that's going to follow him for a really long time. And in New York, especially he will have to carry this as a backpack for a while. So it's a devastating blow for the jets. But in terms of how this affects Zach Wilson and the jets in 2022 from a football perspective, how do you think this goes? They're going to improve. I mean, we saw their drive, they're going to make strides. We just talked about their head coach, the type of leader he is. He's going into year two or the jets going to come out and make the playoffs and make a deep run. I don't really see that. But I think for them, it's bigger than that. It's building a foundation. And when you have what we all just kind of went around the table and said, a leader like that standing in front of you every day, you have players that are willing to buy into what he's selling and ready to come to work and go out there and grind to get better. So I think for the jets organization, they're moving in the right direction. The challenge for them around them is so is everybody else in the division. So how do you kind of catch up to them when they're still moving forward? Obviously, the Patriots have some stuff going on with the offensive side of the ball, but we've talked at length about the Miami Dolphins and what they've done. And we always characterize Josh Allen as a killer. So we know what's going on in that division. So they're making strides. Are they closing that gap? I don't really know about that. I might be with Jade. I don't think it's going to happen this year. I've said that and jets fans were not happy when I saw the show. I'm like, I don't know if it's this year. It might be next year and the beckton thing hurts. He's number 11 overall pick. This is a guy that they drafted and he was drafted before Tristan wurf's and it was, hey, we're going to have this guy out there protecting him, Zach Wilson. That said, I look at this first round class that they got. They got four first round talents. I mean, you've got, of course, the three first rounders, but then I think breece hall is a first rounder. It's obviously a top back in this draft as far as a draft goes. This is gonna be the difference. You're adding four blue chip players. The reviews on sauce gardener have been incredible. Garret Wilson hasn't dropped a pass, it seems like in training camp. Jermaine Johnson's gonna be their pass rusher off one edge, and then you've got Brie tall, who with Michael Carter are gonna make a really formidable running back room. So talent alone, they're gonna be better than they were last year. Where the roster was kind of barren with those blue chip players. Are they gonna compete? I'm kinda with Jason on this one. I just don't see us talking jets in January. First, I want to double back to what we're talking about the toxicity and Salah heading off the reaction to that. I wonder what the New York Post and daily news are going to run this morning. What is their headline? Because that is low hanging fruit for them to do some sort of fat joke or something about I wonder what they'll do. I got to run that down in a commercial break because I think that's a good barometer. Do they listen to the head coach? Because then he's got something going. As far as the jets on the football field, I think it's as simple as Zach wasn't going to be good this year. And let me inject some optimism. So we look at Josh Allen and certainly I do. The truth, maybe the number one player, the MVP, it's just a matter of time on and on and on and on. Let's bring up something curious. Zach Wilson has played one season NFL. Look at this. Rookie. Comparison. Okay. Those are The Rookie numbers for Josh and for Zach. Touchdown interception, I identical. Completion percentage Zach Wilson better. Passer rating Zach Wilson better. All right, that's not bad. And I know that there's a lot of factors here and but like that's something to build on because if you believe in Josh Allen, that was him as a rook, guys. It was not pretty. He did not come in and hit the ground running and be a sensation. He took lumps. He took home to the next year, too. And then they really started getting cooking and so what I'm saying is like, we are in what I call The Avengers era of quarterbacks

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