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Those two things are so essential to the plumbing of the global financial system that in what was listening to this i hope you guys do dig a little bit deeper and if you are religion tv subscriber go and check out jeff's presentation as he goes through the whole thing omission detail it's it's great end and you'll come away thinking about the goal financial system very differently and you'll definitely learn something new so it was great to get jeff to answer that question for us yeah the other the other question that we received so many inquires on was the fang stocks obviously they've taken up so much space in the headlines for coming out of was kind of how many months now and again you know araneta nauseating it it it really is but we decided the small thing to do for everybody's benefit was to get a good ons from someone that really follows this stuff and and we just figured who better than michael oliver momentum structural analysis our so we have michael oliver on the line michael it's great to have you join us today thank you for putting the honor showed great it for our listeners who are not familiar with you or your workout just give us a brief introduction momentum structual in our private technical research firm we i started 1992 uh we provide technical research institutions high networth individiuals investors um our approach is totally different than most probably short bait technicians oh we do look at price but we considered a secondary technical feature we consider what's more important the momentum trends structures that are developed when you analyse price in not in relation to a money unit like a regular priced short whom you analyse price in relation to.

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