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Oh that investment in rail is one hundred million dollars more expensive per mild than than rubber tyre transits as as it's called and so you don't wanna make meaning you know meaningful investments of cash without making sure that there's going to be that return there and we know that in a highly dense areas transit rail really works well but there is tons of sprawl in the metropolitan in atlanta area and where we have no shortage of land in georgia were very big state so rail has never been at the top of my mind is something we that we need to invest in if somebody can make that make it makes sense for me financially i will definitely look at it but my plan longterm for transportation is bringing the right people around the table i'm not suggesting i have all the answers we need to get the demographers around the table we need to get the traffic engineers around the table and of course the the dot commissioner is going to be the one guiding the strategic plan here's what has been lacking in my short time in the senate it's the willingness to bring to bear the funding that is required to make these investments in other words the ideas or there we know what we need to do generally in transportation not only in atlanta but statewide what has lacked is the willingness to fund it and that is why my commitment is to double our investment and transportation without raising taxes because that is such a link to quality of life and economic development to make these key investments and let me just share quickly one with you the truck transit route if you make all this investment in the ports down and savannah to bring in more uh cargo with an when it hits landside we need to make sure that we have the infrastructure to get those additional containers to two markets faster we need to expand i sixteen west to lagrange or columbus and then take a vertical route north so that truck traffic that's not destined for the atlanta area doesn't have to go through atlanta to get to.

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