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Every American have health care at a time when we spend twice as much per capita in healthcare is any other country have the highest prices prescription drugs at thirty million people That is a disaster Of course we need to Medicare Of, course says, he's under says that. You know Democrats have two issues. It seems that they're running on. One of them is an issue. It's just we hate Donald Trump. The other thing is an. Issue they think they've got. You they can't run on. Unemployment they can't run on wages. They can't run on the economy. They can't run a national security they. Can't run on law and order they can't. Run on any of those things one thing they think they've got. Is health insurance is too. Expensive health costs are. Too expensive healthcare is too. Expensive prescription drugs are too expensive and so obviously the, solution is to give everyone Medicare which means the government will be the number one customer of insurance. Because, that will drive costs down. Well maybe they have a, point maybe things are too expensive but is making government come in and be the number one single payer really on all of these things is that the solution Hadley heath manning has a. Very important article about this issue she is the policy director at the independent women's forum and she joins us. Now Headley, thanks for joining us Of course my pleasure well they do have a point I mean health insurance the first of all I would say that health insurance is out of control expensive right now. Because we're still recovering from what ObamaCare did to the, health insurance industry but what else is it play here Well there have, been some problems that have been going on, for decades even before the Affordable Care Act but I to compared to road map you know if you're going somewhere need to decide which direction attorney I think we're at a critical crossroads in. The United States when it comes to healthcare I need to look at, where you are and we are not a beacon of free enterprise when it comes. To healthcare in the United States too many people with private health insurance don't actually choose what type, of insurance they to buy they simply accept what their employer offering as an on the job benefits and then we don't really choose are. Providers simply usually go with what's in network and even, those choices have been reducing as we've seen tremendous amounts. Of consolidation in the healthcare system whether it's ensures that, have merged. Or, providers and hospital systems that. Continue to, gobble up. The small family practices, that we used to see so I love that you're focusing on free market solutions but it seems to me there's two different markets here there's. The market for health insurance and then There's the actual direct market for health care In. Other words you know. We don't buy healthcare we buy health insurance what if we were actually, paying for a lot. Of the, medical services I use the analogy you know we get car insurance, in case we get into a horrible accident but car insurance doesn't pay for our oil changes. Or our new, tires or a brake pads what if we That's right and the markets for health insurance and health care obviously very strongly linked because. The more expensive healthcare services, that in the more expensive the premiums because premiums have to. Cover the cost of claims at least. That's the idea but you're right we've moved away. From a model where health and act like insurance and instead it's more. Like a membership where you pay. Ahead and then the third party pays for all of your bell later and I think you. Know people, have a point when you are in. An emergency situation you're on your way to the ER you're not going. To be a very smart shopper you're not going to be, making a, lot of value in that moment but health insurance is really. Four there's so, many other, aspects of health care. That we do with. The ability to think ahead compare prices consider the value of what we're, consuming people can be. Very savvy, consumers here if they have the right information and that's another problem, with our current system that makes it you know far cry from a competitive marketplace in a. Really true competitive Market consumers have the information that they need about prices and we don't have anything like that in healthcare so how do we move what what kind of very real reforms. Can we put in place, here to get. The government out of this business to to move more toward a. Free market approach for health insurance and for healthcare because the second you start to do whatever you suggest Headley we're going to. Be accused of throwing people, out of hospitals out of doctors offices and letting them die. In the streets well you're right I. You know I think that the policy reforms are. Pretty clear and people even across the spectrum economists who could agree on. This stuff but they're not politically. Popular reforms for example the way that are helping friends at least private health and I it's. So strongly, tied to these large group plans that. Employers purchase on behalf of their workers you know that's a nice idea. Everybody I cultural in the United States expects that are employers, will provide, some type of health insurance for us but it's a total Distortion on the marketplace because it limits the, number of people who are actually interested and comparing and shopping for health insurance plans the way that we buy other types of insurance do I buy car insurance. Because I compare the different premiums? I'll pay from several different companies but when I get health insurance I wanna know you know what's my husband's employer going to offer us and basically I'm choosing between a very limited scope of? Plan so we can move away from an employer Centric model for health insurance that would be a big step in the right direction so what's funny to me is you know eight. Years, ago Democrats. Who, were pushing, for single payer healthcare maybe it was more than eight years ago maybe it was about fifteen years ago for single payer, healthcare government solution they're saying look. At the, VA we're already doing socialized medicine in the fantastic and. Then people, actually figured out what the VA was doing and they're they're not using that argument anymore Hadley. But they, are saying that Medicare. Is fantastic and if we just gave Medicare to every once it's already working then everyone will be covered what's, wrong with that argument Well the the, debate keeps shifting, you know we used to talk about those. Life medicine and single payer and then they. Say well we don't want to single provider system like the VA or. What they, have in the UK. And Great Britain we want a single payer system like they have in Canada where we maintain private hospitals and private, providers but the government simply pays for. Everything for everybody well the bottom line problem. With that is as we know and other parts of life whoever, is paying for the thing is the party in control The party. Making the decisions, and I would just be really careful before we moved tomato where the, government was in control of what healthcare services were available to consumers under what circumstances, the beauty of a marketplace is that if you. Don't like what one guy is offering you. You can go across the street competition and single payer is. Just another word for monopoly sounds a lot like monopoly. But it means one buyer instead of one seller people who generally like big. Government, don't like monopolies in the. Private market, why would they like this one the government for some reason, all logic goes out, the, window when you're talking about health insurance healthcare because you know if if you oppose anything that the left wants. To do here Hadley you want children and old people to die that's just that's the terms of the, argument I appreciate you lending some insight and intellectualism. To, the discussion Headley heath manning policy director, at the independent women's forum she's good one, in this article is very good share it because it answers Lot of the questions why are we in the place where. We are right now with health, insurance a. Lot of is, ObamaCare Lada that is because it's not truly a free market not the, free market.

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