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Start soon visit Ung si dot et you certified to operate in Virginia by Shaft between traffic and weather. Every 10 minutes on the H two rich hunter but other U T o p Traffic center, all right, traveling on the Beltway. For now, in Maryland and Virginia, no major issues to report traffics actually been flowing pretty freely. Still working with a couple of issues right now in the district. There's a crash involving an official vehicle in southeast right at the intersection for Stanton Road in Alabama Avenue Heavy response on scene for now expect that to be shut down for quite some time as a result of that investigation, So be aware now if you're driving and also staying in South East South Capitol Street closed between Atlantic Street in Danbury Street for yet another crash. And authorities were wrapping up a crash on south on Georgia Avenue near Decatur Street Northwest and there you were getting by under police direction, So be aware now, if you're traveling on the freeway, you're looking good. So far, no early issues along New York Avenue in batter out found right now in Maryland residents of this afternoon's or this evening seriously crash he spent on a Maryland 200 the IC C East to shady Grove Virgin now getting by single file, too, right? Setbacks and investigation. If you're driving in Virginia, I 95 93 95 are in good shape should be wrapping up the crash and North found 1 23 over top of 95. There you were squeezing by single file to the right heading back to work. Need a few items in the store. Northern Virginia's transit providers can get you there When your trip can't wait. Transit can get you there, Visiting overrides dot org's to plan your safe and healthy trip. Rich 100 wtlv traffic rich. Thank you. It's gonna be chilly overnight. Let's check in life down. We're storm Team four meteorologist Briana Berman solo. Getting cold already out there. Temperatures are sitting in the forties and fifties will.

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