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Financial services firm that offers a broad array of products and services including insurance and annuities licensed in colorado walker stapleton believes colorado cities are endangering our safety with their reckless sanctuary city policies i absolutely believe that denver's a sanctuary city and aurora walker stapleton says sanctuary cities put the rights of criminal illegal immigrants over the rights of american citizens that's the problem with sanctuary cities is it what you end up doing is you end up treating legals with more rights than lawabiding us citizens and to me that's fundamentally wrong as governor walker stapleton will stand with our law enforcement officers and support them in their duty to protect colorado's from dangerous criminal immigrants it's incumbent upon the governor of colorado the backup law enforcement officials when they're just trying to enforce the law naming their communities safer vote walker stapleton for governor for safer cities and a safer colorado paid for by better colorado now katy kennedy registered agent not authorized by any candidate dennis prager here and for two years now i've been telling you about my wife sue who tried relief factor because of her knee pain and it worked if you're struggling with ongoing back or neck pain shoulder hip or knee pain or general muscle aches and pain do what my wife sue did try relief factor go to relieffactor dot com or call toll free eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred.

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