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You along on Sunday morning News time four 28 Traffic and weather on the 8th here's Carlos Ramirez in the WTO P traffic center Very good morning to you If you're at a southbound on I 95 you are going to see a little bit of a slowdown just after the triangle exit on your approach towards Quantico Basically the far right hand lanes are blocked That's two right lanes being blocked right now Single left is what's getting you by and you will not be able to access that ramp that takes you to quantum That's the Rus road exit You may need to opt for the triangle exit if that's where you need to go South at that point you're completely up to speed headed down towards Fredericksburg other than of course your long-standing work zone in your local lanes there had it through Fredericksburg 66 is quiet inner loop looks good and on the southbound side of three 95 they went looking for a disabled vehicle nearly road looks like they were able to move it over to the far right shoulder without too much trouble never became an issue really southeast southwest freeway is up to speed 32 tun looks great if you're headed up towards New York avenue here this early morning no issues across any of your area bridges If you headed into the city in Maryland the outlet of the bellway that ramp that takes you to northbound 95 is a little bit slow not hearing any reports of any accidents just yet but I'll keep an eye on it for you 95 and the VW Parkway otherwise looking good though on the B2B Parkway northbound just after one 95 this is closer to Baltimore but be aware there are looking for an accident scene just north of that point and I am seeing a delay just north of one 95 itself One 8 6 6 three O four WTP is the traffic tip line Don't forget to download that WTO app I'm Carlos Ramirez WTP traffic Now it's routine for meteorologist clay Anderson Isolated rain showers will remain across the viewing area temperatures will be falling but only into the low 40s.

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