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So he, but it show to me that he was he was keen. He was he suddenly wasn't crossing Alf. And when quite frankly, we were call balanced by Jensen disheartening believe I rang him up and said you fancy aveer. And he said, I know what you want to ask let several Email. He knew why you will making that clear. I mean, he was he kept his finger on the false. And so it was no shock to him. And in fact, we agree to try and find a way forward very quickly. And and. Mercedes very keen to haven't been the kind, of course. No of it was very keen to to get him in the car. So then it was just a question of working at Dale everybody could live with. So that came together fairly quickly was Willie. They still involved at that point. Always Michael doing most of the dealer micro moved on since then so lucky with Sabine came. Yeah. Yeah. And really look after himself by that stage. I think he needed villi in the years. He was retired. So he didn't he didn't reconnect from my recollection. I I was at eight Eddie loan quite a lot of Willie in terms of doing day obeying demand. They I seen. It wasn't a difficult deal to be honest. Right. It was it was pretty straightforward. I mean, we. Now, it was a it was a very straightforward arrangement. So what about Michael the driver? Then was he the same? Could you see immediately? He was the same driver that he'd been in two thousand six money ways. I think the difference was that we no longer had a dominant com in those periods of Ferrari, we was had a strong car or the strongest guy I want reality was we didn't have it in two thousand ten the team had..

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