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Foles, Nick foles. He's been there. I don't trust them to do it. Two years in a row seems to magical too good to be true. I know everybody in Philadelphia believes in them. But maybe maybe it ends this weekend here in Chicago. I'm taking back Prescott is playing great the second half of the year will and I think the Celtics that games. These games are awesome this weekend. Seattle and Dallas great game Colson Texans. Great game charters in the ravens pregame and bears and eagles route bears. Forty eagles beat down last pick in the draft. I will take Tom Brady's backup. Is there a Boston accent there? Tommy, I the only quarterback though to your like, the whole word is Trubisky land, Adam Hogue, I think the only quarterback that you can definitely say that like every GM would take over would which risky is definitely in front of Islam is Lamar Jackson. Let me I think. That's it. Right. You know, he's just a different threat that then all of them on the board. He's just different. I actually saw something earlier this week. I'm trying to remember where that was. But someone did like a power rankings these quarterbacks and had Lamar Jackson higher than sure Bisky, which I find hilarious because these same national people they're not country Bisky runs too much. And then they then they put the running quarterback ahead of all right? It's just it's comeback. We need get to Stacey dales. Yes. And let's say quick time out here. We have a break for news. We do. All right. Quick time out. We'll get Andrey is.

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