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I don't say that's like p provide that carriers wasn't up to this level but since he's been back in since shooter and feed you seem laura's carriers grew in confidence a month ago i don't think he's making i i think think that's that's anybody so that next time for manchester city it is of course livable out the three now in the i like the fbi says this is done the cookies may be given liverpool less hopes to one on still though say coming at ninety two pool tell you what it's all about early if month just to sit and play with a full strength squad this is going to be very very interesting how much confidence in liverpool i think i have enough because they will not mess message i think to shock this point carriers with the two sons defend is actually very very well informed of this seems to be growing confidence without little triangle so i'm going to stick with liverpool at don't send the message you're on the show tomorrow we'll talk about it in more detail than we own you on twitter who is going to go through with it the match to city only days city slamma chan's sixty three percents i know chance thirty seven percent say yes indeed very still that gamer of hook and to make it to the semi semifinals i don't know how to say this just say what is i think we should people are you breaking up with me on a roller coaster.

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