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Holidays to you and your family and the whole staff. Thank you very much Bill. A pleasure. Thomas in Maryville go right ahead. Thomas. Oh. A comment yesterday that sings about suspected that I had to co- you said to father. Okay. After a bad game. No, that's wrong. Not I don't think I said that. I said I said, I'm reluctant to to judge. Yes. I did say that. Beat his dog after race. He'd go to jail for it. But he did. Did. What if? You say, that's okay. Because I I think you know, the answer that well. It seems like you'd say the same for him beating his child. Listen. Let me ask you a quiet. How do we know about this situation because to told us, right? Exactly. Just simply made a statement. And and I would. Is it something? I would do is something that I that ever happened to me. No, it's not I simply. But you should have the backbone to stand up and say child is not that. Well, you wanna start right? But your dog is not what I think common sense would tell you that. Happened. When I was growing up, you know, things happen when we were growing up that weren't right? Does that make it? Okay. No. It does not make it. Okay. And I would be the last person in the world. But I I'm I'm reluctant, especially. Because I don't completely understand the circumstances. I haven't spoken to too or as father I would like to. I would like to talk to him about it. I sure would. I'd be fairly aggressive in my questioning, I understand. This be my last point physical. Is never the answer. When raising your children. Well, we agree on that. Much your how I got castigated by look what I said. But anyway, that's okay. Andrew is up next in Texas ender? Welcome to the program. It's right on the day. We're doing great. Oh, good. So what's painted? You think will be closer of twain the Notre Dame game or the. Alabama oklahoma. Jane, I mean, I think to Notre Dame Clemson game has has a chance to be closer. I don't think either one will be very close. Really? Well, why is pretty accurate? I do I think Alabama has has the upper now have friends who believe that. This will be an interesting game. I don't we're not saying friends. I mean, people that are coaches, I just don't like go ask my friends who are artists what they think people who've coached college football, especially in the SEC, and you can make an argument for a close game. I don't buy it. I think Alabama will dominate Clemson. I think will win. But because MS Notre Dame to me is is is a mystery. They played very well Clemson has played extremely well. But the A and M game concerns me they were they lost their composure. They they did turn it on down the stretch, remember Kelly. Bryant was the starter of that game. And he came in and pretty well saved the game since Trevor Lawrence took over Clemson has been pretty close to unbeatable mad is up next magazine. Head. Paul college football. Well, so we so boring, but it will be the greatest greatest thing for fans because they will. Of oklahoma. And they will stop Clemson. I've already told my Clinton friends Alabama. Does it feel cla home about fourteen and Clinton by fourteenth? Plus, how will come to his house had his truck Clinton tiger t-shirt? The oranges. I would was speed. But I'm just telling you. I think the falcons need to trade bat Ryan the head coach in the GM and go ahead and draft to. 'cause we went in Atlanta. That's all that too is not available this year. Just in case you were wondering. But I bet you were Mike is in Montana. Mike guard ahead. Yes. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. Hey yesterday. I know some of the sports writers cook a you tongue lashing from. Quite a few your callers..

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