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And how I usually go about finding those is I'm on the different. Groups inside of facebook? and. If I see something as a topic that comes up more than once are, let's say, let's say ten times if I see it ten times. In a year then that's a topic that I need to think about doing a video on because somebody's asking that question all the time. So that would cheque's into me. Hey, time to think about doing a video for that, and I write that down I've got a folder that's got over five hundred different. Video ideas right now, and I probably have twenty on twenty different videos on my desktop that I'm working on at any given time. So, always Ford thinking about what people want to see. Right it's not necessarily what you WANNA do, but it's what people wanna see and what people wanna see it. They'll come back all the time to watch that again evergreen it's always green. It's always making your mother. So. That's how I That's one of the things that Dr do with life by. Enter. You somebody wants their bannon that person there like a information all I find out about that. Listen to it later then just. You up there talking usually and and Music lessons and hear that. So coming up with if you're gonNA, do live coming up with something that people would be interested in clicking on. You've and even your one making the sign people like Oh. That's kind of go I WanNa Watch somebody decides Science Mike. Click on logic rollout is about you. What you do assign. Is there. Is there anything? That you could. Look at. Until right away. How far along somebody is in their youtube dream now, they've been doing it for so long you can you can you almost pick out video? I was about there about a year. You're in what I was doing it. I was as two years I remember making that mistake. So you can and some of it but again. It's hard to criticize somebody when that's their babies. That's like their child they've got so much invested into it. And I think even did a review of your Channel One time and gave us some some ideas and some pointers and it like it's hard. It's really hard to critique something that.

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