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Us. And we'll hear about that as well. Well right here on the Jordan Harbinger show. If you WANNA know high managed to book all these amazing people about networking and tiny habits and consistency six minute networking. It's free Jordan harbinger dot com slash. Course go check it out. By the way most of the guests on the show they subscribe to the course and the newsletter. Come join us. You'll be in great company. Okay here's Park You with Jack. Barsky I WANNA know is it not also applicable to communism in fact to me this sounds like the motto for Communism Awesome. It's too good to be true. So it's not true yeah except under communism. They won so many opportunities to be taken for a fool. You were taken for full as far as your entire way of life was concerned but there weren't any shady operators. That could come up to sell you. Something that was so special a showdown as many there were some and by the way even capitalism. You know I know people with WHO I can do. Business on handshake. For instance by publisher if this were Society I would do another book just based on a handshake but in New York City. It's not very likely that you find white people like that out in public. Who Promise you a great deal definitely not what were some of the initial differences you saw between living and capitalism in New York capitalism H. Q. Versus under communism? There must have been some things where you holy cow. I really miss this about Communist society or this is so different that that sticks out right away to be honest I did vis anything. I really didn't miss. Anything would be more of a WHO. Who Am I missed was friends not so much family friends? Mike German wife but as far as way of life there was nothing to miss. I didn't even being a chemistry. Professor is one word supermarket the variety of food that you could bet there was astounding. The other thing I missed was German food. It was quite indicative when I had my first real apartment with a little kitchen. The first meal was boiled potatoes. Man We have those despoiled potatoes and butter. Now you got a job as a bike messenger and you're making deliveries all over the city. You once made a delivery from Russian tea room to Dustin Hoffman. The Dustin Hoffman. No that he came face to face with KGB spy of course not any by the way he was not highly regarded by us. He didn't tip. I was very cheap cheap. The Russian tea room was his favorite restaurant and he wasn't a hospital. I don't know what the reason was. That's incredible that's so funny. Doesn't often multimillionaire doesn't tip got got his food delivered by the KGB. So did Jacqueline Onassis. I never got to see her but I had a carpet. Sample delivery So there was some tenuous touch coins between the KGB and so rather famous people but they didn't amount to anything and you get married in Nineteen naty actually and you have a kid with girl. Linda how do you compartmentalize your two identities at this point. Right you've got spy mode and then you've got Jack Barsky American guy with a wife a kid mode. Does that not 'cause you just ridiculous amounts of stress and so when you ask the question how I can't add to but I did. It's really odd. This is one of the things that I had to really analyze. Whether that was true which nowadays I can say with some confidence that I had manufactured annual factored adult personality to some degree not fully and that was really clear about six years into my career. Here's an agent. So every two years I would go back and spend time with Kalinda that point my son. It was great to be home with great to meet my wife. If wise still loved very much my son have driven food drink. A lot of good beer felt like home termine again and so. This is what happened happened when I went back to the United States and I usually would not arrive in New York. City usually was a different airport so as to not run into people that know me as Oh had wait a minute you come from Europe. 'cause I was traveling on a different David false passport. So let's say I would touch down in Washington. DC or in. Boston get off the plane late night here. American English will be home because I already had the start of a good life. I started a career as a program on that work for Metlife I love. I love my team. I loved what I was doing. A had become so accustomed to the American way of life. Clearly not enough to ultimately stay here. Some people misunderstood understood that because I loved the American way of life of lease nice date was Chelsea my daughter but this certainly helped to a degree because I had Americanized to a large extent already after six years. Tell us about the process of Americanization. He started working at metlife. You make friends with this guy. I Patrick Year Insurance Job essentially starts to change your ideology. Can you walk us through that how that happened as I say. The book is one of the most evil entities entities that of capitalism to us as we were told in East Germany in those days. What the insurance companies? I had no idea why they would. Zero in on insurance companies was banks insurance. The company's Wall Street these days epitome of Capitals Evil. Greedy money quarters and people played others first of all. I spent three years in college the United States and that was interesting but at that point I still didn't know what it was like to be at work as an American I got my first job in an insurance company. I like the work. I mean programming for the first time in many years my brain got engaged again. I was allowed to do logic. I was allowed to create eight and then I met so many smart people and they were all really good people. They became friends. The other thing is metlife. In those days was a mutual company knows that but in those days mutual companies were extremely paternalistic. They didn't pay that. Well but they treated you really well D- Untold Compact was. When you find employment there you have a job for life and you will retire with a Golden Watch a great pension and then between you have dot security at metlife even gave us free breakfast lunch dinner if you care to eat three times out of their kitchen so that was completely contrary to what we we were told by then about the evil of the insurance companies on top of it? You know my bosses for all nice and he and I couldn't find anybody evil eye nude sort of that. There were some and they will probably in government in the highest level of American industry but at least down at the level of the work of be. I didn't feel exploited. That was a big change in my fundamental ideology and at that point I had shifted from being an ardent communist this to sort of becoming a socialist not too far away from where Bernie Sanders is. Nowadays that's interesting so you sort of shift from this hardcore communism. Awesome to all right. Let's just make things more fair for everyone. Like you mentioned Bernie Sanders. More fair sure. Capitalism is not a bad thing because it creates. Well we just WANNA make sure so. You know it's more evenly distributed. And interestingly enough there was a street that became pretty strong in eastern European Communist. Party's was called in convergence. Theory by which capitalism and Communism was on a path to converge becomes some kind of a happy socialist kind of conglomerate and this was actually also that had infiltrated the KGB. Because one of my handlers actually volunteered that to me without me even talking about it he says. Oh by the way CONVERSI- series words at and that's Gorbachev Wow and this ultimately how the Soviet Union eventually disappeared softened softened. It became very soft in its ideology and became therefore very vulnerable to to be over with. Now you started to feel at some point like spying was actually getting in the way of your job which I thought was funny. If you have friends who work in information technology you probably know what I'm talking about us. Worker bees who operated computers and computer systems often on call twenty four seven. A desire to do a good job of my competitive spirit was was focused on doing a great job for the company that started paying me very well and that included over time weekend word late night word night calls and all that and then I had to do. There's other stuff you know and when I talk about this other stuff there was tipping point. It would not at the beginning but when I started kicking in and became a really valuable contributor. It took about two two years when I knew that I was really good and I was appreciated by my bosses. That's when my focus shifted towards doing a good job for mid life rather than the KGB. Not Be and it became a nuisance. The communication as well as surveillance detection all this kind of stuff takes a lot of time in takes phenomenal amount of time. So what we're join US talking back and forth the information that I just give you for me to actually hand that amount of inflammation to the Russians. I would have to write it down. Take a picture. Put an undeveloped film into a container. Ask for a dead drop operation. Make sure that I'm not being followed. Dropped his thing some place and wait great to see that the person actually picked it off and as a sign some place that they picked it up the whole operation end-to-end not real time but end to end would take a are we to all kinds of activity in between that interfered with my real job so to speak so funny sitting there doing the insurance thing programming something something that you thought would be a aside cover and now they're saying hey we need a full report and he thinking these guys what a pain. It's so funny they're communicating with you. On the shortwave. By the way they're communicating with you. On the shortwave radio. Right how is it done. What are they saying? Because they're obviously not saying. Hey come in Jack. Barsky spy for the Soviet Union. What are you listening for on this radio? If you watch the Americans Americans. I saw this one scene where they were actually listen.

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