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CBS news time twelve forty three today is the last day of school for Oakland public school kids and as KCBS reporter Melissa call Ross tells us Oakland unified school fish officials will be spending their summer working to try and close the digital divide before classes begin again in August it's unclear just what those classes for Oakland public school kids will look like come August tenth when the next academic year begins but Oakland unified school district spokesman John Sasaki says they're very likely will be at least some distance learning involved so we're going to be getting computers for all of our students who need them and and across unified including our charter schools that's what twenty five thousand students in the roughly half of our our school districts a sake says the district was able to raise twelve and a half million dollars through the Oakland undivided campaign and will be using that money to close the digital divide he adds however there will be other expenses not related to technology that the district will have to contend with in order to conduct school safely you have to institute social distancing because while distancing yes the supply PP you have to have more staff cleaning and more staff to support like nurses and that will cost money as for the technology Sasaki says the district hopes to have the tools students need into their hands and homes by August tenth Melissa call Ross KCBS at twelve forty four were just a minute away from sports on KCBS we save serious cash with our progressive home and auto bundle can use the money to buy a new this is not a real testimonials sure customers can save big money with progressive but not enough for a new boat they'll probably spend it on brand for gas money or maybe one of those little plastic wading pools for the yard.

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