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Goodness gracious he led the league in hits led the league in doubles. Rbi's times on base total basis war. He was second in runs. Seven home runs third. And opiates plus. Let's see that year. He had forty two home runs. One hundred forty seven rb is he had two hundred sixteen hits and he's still only managed to finish fifth in the mvp voting that year. He was an all star silver slugger but he finished fifth hidden. Three seventy two with forty two home runs one hundred forty seven. Rbi's i mean what. How do you finish fifth that season. That's just ridiculous. I mean yes. There is the coors field factor and it pre humidor cores that play a huge role into how the media and how the guys fell to. Who should win the award because just on paper. Those numbers sir astronomical in scream mvp. So i don't care where you're playing your game. Seven forty two homers three seventy. Two man you should have been done better than finishing fifth. Mr todd helton in nineteen ninety. Nine larry walker did the same thing. The hall of famer hit three seventy nine had a four fifty eight. On base percentage seven. Ten slugging percentage. I mean that o. P. s. is absurd one point one six eight. What he had thirty seven home runs one hundred fifteen year and this one was even worse than todd helton so this was clearly a thing back in the late ninety s and the early two thousand speakers. Yes larry walker only played one hundred and twenty seven games that year. Which injury probably a equated to this reasoning. But he only finished tenth in. Mvp devoting in one thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine i mean what i the guy hit three seventy nine almost four hundred. He was almost the first guy to do it. Since ted williams and you finish tenth in the mvp voting that is just absolutely fascinating. The effect that the chorus field had on the colorado rockies in the players and how they were looked at in the late ninety s and early two thousands because those are two of the most ridiculous years in to finish fifth and tenth in the the mvp voting. My goodness gracious just in saint. Before that you go all the way back to nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine. Mr fred lynn for the boston red sox. He is labeled as a hall of very good player from the seventies and eighties. He pays the the american league that year in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine where he hit three thirty three head. A four twenty three on base percentage a six thirty. Seven slugging percentage. He had thirty nine home runs. One hundred and twenty two rb is and he finished fourth an mvp voting that year so he was fourth in runs. Third total basis third in double second in home runs fourth in is third extra-base hits fourth in times on base and again only finishing fourth. It is said that they use different. Stats back then. Determine the winner but ultimately it does sound like mr fred. Lynn was robbed back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine before fred lived in it. This is when ted williams had himself some fun. He had a number of years here in the forties where he led the league in the triple slash but did not win the award. Starting out we'll go with one thousand nine hundred fifty seven. He finished second in the mvp. Voting that year behind mickey mantle mantle had an eleven point three war which was one of the greatest in history by a position player but williams finished fifth in runs. Nine thousand hits seventeen doubles second in home. Runs ninth and rb is third in total bases and in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven ted williams ended with an average of three eighty eight five twenty six on base percentage and a seven thirty one. Slugging percentage hit thirty eight home runs. Eighty seven rb is just an absolutely absurd year for a guy ted williams and fifty seven. Who was thirty eight years old at the time. My goodness gracious could this guy hit. He did it back in one thousand nine hundred forty eight another one that says war voters got it wrong. Low lubar dow topped. Joe dimaggio and williams. Despite the lead for triple slashers. Williams was second in war third and runs fifth in hits six than homers third and third total basis. He did lead in doubles. But my goodness let's see nine thousand nine hundred forty eight. He had three sixty nine four ninety seven on base. Six fifteen slugging once again leading the league and all three of those categories. This was the second straight year done. This in nineteen forty seven. Ted williams did it. Let's see the yankees beat the red sox for the pennant by fourteen games. And i guess. That's why joe dimaggio ended up winning the award. Ted williams in forty seven hit three forty three four nine thousand nine. On base percentage six thirty. Four slugging percentage. He beat joe. Dimaggio in many of the categories but top dimaggio by thirteen hits. Twenty eight runs twelve homer seventeen. Rbi's williams led the league in runs total bases homers rbi's. He was third in hits second in doubles but the yankees team. Being much better than the red sox ultimately gave the award to joe dimaggio williams did it in nineteen forty two. I mean joe. Gordon won the award in forty two but williams led the league in war by a mile. I mean he led the league in runs total bases home runs. Rbi's walks extra-base hits times on base. He was third in hits seventeen doubles. He hit three fifty six four ninety nine on base six forty eight. Slugging percentage thirty six home runs hundred and thirty seven..

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