Msnbc, Official, CIA discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


But these days they're looking for more secrecy they're looking for less transparency and the government i mean he had of the guy on msnbc the other day saying that you know we we can this is this is a horrible thing that they're releasing these memos there is a unbelievable here's our conversation from msnbc is this what's going on you know what i think is a an attack on a person and former top intelligence official for this country and her democratic and republican presidents who is just as bad as you are i mean you and this former inter and he said you know where city and i i mean where did the head of the cia come down on this where does the head where where did the dni come down this where does the pro jo they're calling for less transparency from the government i i thought that was completely i thought you know the or lose the movie i would tom hanks coming up about the pentagon papers a bit when did the media switch from wanting more information from the government to wanting less i don't well i think we all know when that happened right we all know when partisan hacks started taking jobs as news anchors that's what had happened it six fifty five at the big talker twelve fifty wtma let's go ahead and give you your headlines in sixty seconds space x scored a successful test launch of its most powerful rocket yet the falcon heavy wrong quiz at the super bowl in minnesota it was well he went away we're not going to release the details of what we know about the time and day that the incident occurred but the did occur will mr broncos we went away but she says as long as there is a viable investigation it does it benefit to release information about what was stolen and that the suspects noah was taken bigger calls a break in unpleasant no matter who the victim is and it has a on impact on anyone to have your personal space brief bring on the shutdown we on straightened out of water we don't have a country i remember we have a government shutdown coming up now the house passed a bill yesterday that would keep the government funded we'll see what happens with the senate on this thing to see if we can come with some kind of agreement that will keep our government opened because if he goes.

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