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To be much stronger than expected with our belief that Apple is now on pace to sell north of 40 million iPhones during the holiday season. Despite the chip shortage headwinds, the focus of the street has been on the lingering chip shortage for Apple and every other tech and automotive player. However, the underlying iPhone 13 demand story for Cupertino both domestically and in China is trending well ahead of street expectations in our opinion. Reminiscent of Needham and company analyst Lara Martin's note earlier this week about investors buying apple as a flight to quality Ives sees apple shares as a safety blanket name in a near term market storm with waters churn by acron and macroeconomic concerns. Apple remains a top tech name to own writes the analyst, adding our favorite large cap tech name to play the 5G transformational cycle is apple with the one two punch of its massive services business and iPhone product cycle translating into a $3 trillion market cap for Cupertino during 2022 in our opinion. Mister rhimes has an outperform rating on Apple shares. He used Wednesday's note to up his price target on the shares from $185 to a street high 200 bucks. Well, here's something that's probably not going to go over too well. If Apple is forced to allow developers to link from their apps to external payment methods and processors, apple may still try to take a cut 9 to 5 max as a recent legal filing indicates just that the filing is from Apple's appeal earlier this week to stay changes to the App Store that would require links to external payment processors. In it, Apple attorneys say epic suggests that Apple will not receive a commission on transactions that happen outside the app on which Apple has never charged a commission. That is not correct. Apple has not previously charged a commission on purchases of digital content via buttons and links, because such purchases have not been permitted. If the injunction were to go into effect, Apple could charge a commission on purchases made through such mechanisms. That was posted on Twitter by developer and developer advocate David Barnard. His timeline has people debating whether this is something that Apple would do or just something that Apple could do Barnard thinks Apple would meanwhile Google has said it's gonna, according to 9 to 5 Mac, Google has said it will allow developers to use alternative payment systems, but it intends to collect an 11% commission on those transactions regardless. Only 4% cheaper than if the developer use the Google Play payment system directly. You know, this whole thing might end up in the careful what you wish for file. More news in a moment, but first a word from notion. One workspace for your whole team. In business, you want to be able to move fast. Unless you work by yourself, though, speed can be in detriment.

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