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You get to your spot you hit a little button. It's a little remote either. It's in your hand or on top of the thing you hit the button and it tells you the yardage to the center to the front into the back greatest thing in the world everybody greatest thing in the world. I purchased this last year. Other than disneyland tickets for my son. I guess that's probably another thing Well done okay. We tease. Let's get to it. We tease this. I'm going to go brockman for this breaking news right now. Because i think it's important for you. Know a huge. Let's go nba tonight. There's one game on the docket milwaukee in brooklyn game five. It is pivotal. Because it's too too right now. And james harden looks like he is gonna go tonight. According to shams hardened plans to play game. Five barring setback in pregame warmups. He is now questionable. Roussel's gonna fight daniel. Larusso is gonna fight miaki. Don't correct this changes everything. A little mini massage on the on the hamstring. He must've got something i mean. It's been a while. obviously one minute into game one. He goes down. Hasn't been back out there yet. He's going to go tonight in a must win for the brooklyn death. Their backs are against the wall. Tj if he gets a must win guess every game at this point is well. It's not a must win because the series doesn't end but to his point. There's it's clear if they lose in brooklyn. It's doubtful that they're going to go to milwaukee and find a way to figure it out plus the way. They've shot the way they've scored. The these games have been so scoring the last couple of milwaukee in your your initial dodgers. If you sat out that long without any basketball activity it's hard to jump on the court right and ball but you know these guys are anomalies right. So who knows. I'd be were. I mean hamstrings obviously soft tissue easily re-aggravating easily re tweaked again. I'd be worried about james. Maybe trying to push it a little pressure. It's a huge game. Kevin durant to do it himself. We saw what happened with kyrie. Went down in game. Four hannah man. The line is already moved. One point case you care about those things on this news. Milwaukee still the favourite tonight milwaukee's a favorite in brooklyn. I would expect milwaukee to win just the way. They've looked the last couple of games. The defensive played against brooklyn. Joe harris suddenly now can't shoot Khris middleton playing good defense kevin durant which is impossible to do maybe the greatest score ever in the nba. This is a huge game tonight and hard playing as big. Is big news this. This is big not big news and changing Just two games ago you thought. The brooklyn nets were unbeatable unbeatable. We're going to be the nba champions this year. Even with two of these guys at full strength. It didn't look like milwaukee had any answer especially in those first two games. Yeah and then. James goes down now. Kyriacos down can durant do himself. I mean the memes that people have been thrown out like directly on this nets team by himself. Who was it though five cavs. It's lebron joe. It's like it's kind of accurate in a way mean. Got some guys on the bench. That were were great players. Everywhere else that have become i mean katie is not going to score seventy tonight at at to carry this team so he needs a running mate especially when the when the box in their defense. Keep this team to eighty two points unheard of with their offense efficiency rating is number one all time when all three of them are out. There told you that on friday like you just said that. Joe harasses the you know. These guys are good players players. But they're not necessarily not looking them. This is the greatest team ever in their unbeatable without the three of them on. The court now asked to do their part. They are steve. Kerr they are john paxton and they do it. They do it. But when you lose scottie. Pippen and dennis rodman right right. Then you're all alone and it doesn't matter because as great as michael jordan was In the nineties when they won six championships. if he doesn't have scotty pippin if he doesn't have dennis rodman he doesn't have six championships right. Yeah you need you need. These teammates is just no matter what it was just differently done in the nineties and the eighties right. The teams put together as a general manager. Did right through the draft things like that. Like james worthy kareem abdul-jabbar and magic johnson became a nucleus from playing together. The boston celtics and robert parish and kevin mchale and larry bird came together. It wasn't done as high level. Free agents in the offseason jumping ship and going somewhere to play. La the miami trio and bosch and wade and and and lebron so it it's different but it's still the same you still need more than one superhero right. You need a couple superheroes to get it. Get it done. That's why it's so interesting to see what the phoenix suns have done right. They have number one overall draft picking the andrei eight and from accused ago. And he's not really. The focal point of the team. Booker has been exceptional. And chris ball just took out the mvp and made a case for him as the actual mvp this year. And they're the only team that sitting at home watching all these other tournament all these other Series play out. We just got done talking about the nets in the bucks to play tonight last night. We saw the atlanta hawks crawl back even with the philadelphia. Seventy sixers talk about that. A little bit chris because you me and before game about how they were down by twenty and the absolutely impressive nature of joel embiid. Second half and tj to. I would love to get. I know i'm sorry you're team loss. Last night and clippers did win so you were one last night. And the mets won and the mets won two to three. Ain't bad has been no but your emotions watching the hawks last night and the sixers you have a twenty point lead in the second quarter and then it just slowly withers away with his away withers away and suddenly it's tied and now it's just like one point back and forth back and forth and bead there have been. I saw this amazing stat last night. Eight hundred and five instances nba season. Where a player took twelve shots in the second. Half at least twelve shots. The first instance all year last night. Where a player didn't make a shot and that was joel embiid. What happened in the second half last night it. I mean it's really hard to say you know. He's feeling the effects of the knee injury. Is he take a couple of falls last who i cover. Kind of like whoa. Yeah is is the you know as not been able to get in shape. It's hard to hard to really say what happened. But you said eight hundred and five games hundred and five. Statistically speaking this is not very unlikeliest. It'll happen with the hawks. When i said sure if they hit twenty. Three's every game then great. They're going to win this year. But i don't see it happen. I don't see joel. Embiid going over twelve ever again in a crucial playoff game and it also seems as though when the hawks win. It's a battle like you know round twelve and they're given to climb back in after make all the little plays all the little. Hustle plays the fiddle. It's like we're you know we're stopping now. So i i still believe. And i said a few days ago. Sixers and six. I still believe that's how it's gonna happen. I don't see. Joe having you know a second half like he had yesterday and i don't know what you put that on. He was missing layups. He was missing jumpers And it's just weird because he was so dominant and till yesterday's gay. You know what knew and i have talked about this before When it comes to embiid dominant big man maybe the most dominant big man in the nba right now but when he stands outside and and settles for three point shots it just makes you shake your head like broke. You can do anything inside over anyone inside. Just do it. And maybe you felt this way. Watching as well tj ryan. I've felt like embiid kind of took more threes than he had in recent games. Maybe in the series of felt like he was settling for that outside jumper when he didn't have to. I mean he only took four threes in over the course of the series. Four to many eight eleven. I mean he can't shoot the three. Yeah he can and he went one for four..

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