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A lot of tight coverage outside to say if you beat us down the field will tip our cap and will adjust their but Again. You have an offensive line that added wryly Reef. I don't know what else we did. And we talked before the show. If you go into the off season last year and say to a bangle fan Who had just seen Joe Burrow get carted off the field. Next year. We're going to have Riley Reef starting, but outside of that we're going to have Quentin, Spain and save your pillow right guard. You would have said Wait a second, but that's not that's not enough. So today we find out if that's enough against the defense that's going to test you, Uh, from from the first snap in Mike Zimmer? Well, Riley Reef is here for one reason. The Vikings thought that they could do just well without it right. That's why any free agent gave him the keys to his place. Right? That's right. So there is my favorite guy, but we didn't need him here anymore is essentially what he said. And they rewarded another tackle this week with one of those, you know, Lifetime contract so He's here for a reason, and we got a lot to get into. But I'd be before we kick it to our first break. Guard to guard and you just mentioned that That's where I worry about this team the most. I think Reef can acquit himself. Well, you look at his numbers last year, you know they weren't you know, outstanding, but they were steady and that's what they needed because Bobby Hart was anything but Upgrade, right? Jonah Williams, I think is going to be a terrific player for a long time. This leg but guard to guard you have the two guys you just mentioned, plus a 350 plus pound man coming off. Total knee construction. So I worry about that, for two reasons. One not just protecting burrow, but to Joe Mixon, who's got to have a big year will operate in between tackles. And if it's not there, he's not there. So I'm just wondering about your thoughts on that. You mentioned Jonah Williams. This is kind of the year, right? Right. You either show that you're going to be an elite tackle in this league or You're going to be an average tackle, and we're going to have to address this again down the road in the draft, but My concern with the three in the middle, as I know Trey Hopkins has been solid, but he's coming off knee surgery. Like you said. When you think about Joe Burrows injury. What does Joe Burrow need to be comfortable a clean pocket in front of him if there's pressure coming from the outside as a quarterback You step up in the pocket. You deliver a throat or you step up and you get out of the pocket. If the pressure is coming in your face constantly. It makes it really hard to really drive into that throw. And when you have a surgically repaired knee, if there's constant pressure at your feet, that's going to become an issue. Sure that's going to become a thought. I went down to To every training camp practice, And if there was anything at Joe Burrows feet, you saw him pull that leg back. It's still there. It's natural for that, to still be a thought process. And when you haven't showed up those three in the middle. If there's penetration in Joe Burrows face, it's really hard to step into a throw, which means it's really act. It's really hard to be accurate. Consistently as a passer, so That for me is certainly what to watch. I think they're better, and I think they're competent at the tackle positions. It's what those three in the middle can do. That's going to go a long way and deciding what does Bangles team can do? And if you're Frank Pollock? There's a problem outside. You slide a tight end over there, right? If there's a problem in the middle, your limited you can keep it back in and maybe, you know, have mixed and block but that takes away mixing as other things like a receiver or running back. I just to me. I I understood going for Jamaar chasing around one today. Soldier marches and I don't put anything into the preseason, but we'll talk about Jason tool is going to be a fine player. They both struggled. They're both going to be good players before we get to a break. I know there's people listening. That are on their way down here. Can I just give those folks a chance? A one time opportunity? Yesterday in the state of Ohio. Ohio State lost to Oregon. I heard that the Reds lost to the Cardinals. I watched that the Indians were no hit by the Brewers. That's good. Toledo blew a chance to beat Notre Dame. Thankfully, the Columbus crew lost Now I've seen Cincinnati one, which is a big Rachael, eight. To them that happened. Akron got stopped by Temple and Your Ohio Bobcats suffered a tough defeat. I think it might have been a misprint this morning, but I have to go back to check but what I want to do for anyone coming down or anyone here today I'm going to give a one time. Pass. Two. Now jump on the Cincinnati Bearcats bandwagon. Wow, you get a one time opportunity Stop down at the Holy Grail today. Come by and see me say that you want to take me up on this offer, because after today it closes Well, what is he saying? No more. Where does this bandwagon go? Where you just Somebody's got to the top to the top. Straight to the top. Indiana Notre Dame the next two games for the bear Cats. You're driving the band west. You're going to drive the bandwagon blooming this to Bloomington and I'm offering a one time password for anyone listening. To jump on board Now, That's unbelievable. I don't know. I know how many are on the bandwagon right now, a lot. A lot of people in the blond and it filled up more yesterday, there A lot of people blowing hamstrings off that bad. Yeah, it is. You get one chance today. Just think if they beat Indiana this week. Hell anybody's getting on at the next time is coming early today, Mrs. Coming early. Well, there you go. I don't know what more you need. To come to the banks and of the Holy Grail and listen, live to the Arno carriers. Logistic pregame sports talk. That's a mouthful live from the Holy Grail of the banks presented by your local Toyota dealers on 700 wlw. Hey, Washington, D c. We all missed the.

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