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Gone from the apple tv for quite a while and it reappeared around the holidays a my my theory is that this was a reciprocal arrangement so that just like you can have a apple music on in android device that they will make a deal with or have made a deal with amazon so that it will show up on the fire apple musical show up in the fire no that apple tv or whatever whatever the challenges of ramping yeah video programming then what incentive for apple just to bake a successful business creating row grooming just another iron yeah i testing seemed strategic for them it seems like the that's why we all assume that's going to be an apple tv exclusive because the what's the strategic goal here what are they what are they will why would you mean honestly really you think apple wants to be another net flicked sets their goal mop is clinging to the coolness factor like i feel like it might be them just saying like we need to be invoked like part of our brand is being the brand of artists and creators and people who do creative thing yeah i wonder if if if that's part of it for them like wanting to to stay cool view wealth and and we're not going to cede all of this other gr just like an payments rate like every other industry we have to have a competitive foothold even if we don't have dominant market share we have to have a competitive foothold in other markets and that includes audio content it includes video content and that i i think that apples not going to let uh like bensaid there's a sexy hip factor and an apples not going to let that go away just because we don't feel like doing video apple is sexy according to the annual brand intimacy service sir with his hands.

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