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By injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com they have a Joseph Abboud troubles to tell you about four or five northbound before Westminster it looks like the right lane blocked with the start box track it may require a big break so to get this guy out here so it is now backing up into Huntington beach and now riding that wave is going pretty much all the way back to the normal stuff way back out of Costa mesa leaving Bristol project Fairview now speaking of fair view the twenty two he spotted Fairview Astor they're just reporting a problem there in the middle lanes and no doubt it from a distance it would like they're backing up here almost about harbor Boulevard almost to you please give it an accident there's a cheaper one with super lawyers dot com Michael Bryant Hey I find this guy if you see any problems or maybe you're sitting in traffic you can always give us an update eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three K. F. I. in the sky helps get you there faster I mean from our team as it says your warm forecast next you fed up with him for Bernie Sanders right now checking the homeless people dying in the streets to traffic cost of living you ready to sell your house we'll call sellers advantage they want to buy your house and they'll buy it as it is which means you don't have to fix up your house or clean it there's no strangers coming through open house Sunday now no haggling with unqualified buyers to waste the time sellers advantage is highly reviewed on Google eight plus rated by the better business bureau they've helped hundreds of people in southern California just this month they sold over ten thousand property since two thousand seven the licensed brokers so if you want to sell your house your house in a matter of days or months you call sellers advantage down no realtor fees no escrow fees.

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