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Black and white. Think red. And here's Steve dresner. Snares pitcher Patrick Corbin got off to a shaky stirred earlier today giving up two Atlanta runs in the first inning that it was one Soto that jump started the net with a solo home run in the third, his second of this series, but even a late inning surge found the nets loosing to the praise four to three Lana's now beaten the nads 5 straight, the look for the series sweep coming up tomorrow afternoon, a one 35 start ad sending Paolo espino to the bound with the record of O one two earlier today in the American League. The Orioles shut out the angels one to nothing. Baltimore has won 7 straight. There are currently three and a half games out of the last well card spied. I'm just giving food for a thought. The Orioles last made the playoffs back in 2016, that's when they lost in the AO wild card race. When they were beaten by the Blue Jays, 5 to two. I'm just saying. Elsewhere in the American League, what a great one going on currently at Fenway Park in Boston. There are currently in the top of the 9th inning with the game tied at three between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Earlier today at Wimbledon and at the women's finals, Elena Rebecca had downing on Joe Barron three cents, she picks up her first Grand Slam title coming up tomorrow. It's breakfast at Wimbledon. The men's final will feature top seeded Novak Djokovic against Nick curious. Wizard summer league play got underway earlier today. It also marked the debut for their top draft pick Johnny Davis, who did play most of the game put in 6 points 5 rebounds Jordan check a led the wizard squirting with 24 points, but Detroit did roll past Washington one O 5 to 99, the wizards will next Faye Phoenix coming up tomorrow afternoon at 5 30. Steve dresner, WTO sports

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