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Allen says he's seen some bad behavior in his nearly 10 years here. A certain part of that vibe is going to be the motorcycles is going to be the cruisers. And sometimes he says, they bring a lot of noise. Why would you Something intentionally pissing off hundreds or even thousands of people who live in this neighborhood. Why would you do that? Others out this way, have only lived here a few months. Like Jennifer Ravich. It's the speeding that concerns me for people safety for all the dogs for the elderly for the families, the strollers, the bicycles and all that Seattle police tweeting it plans on having more officers along Al Qaeda, with safety being the priority. Let's go. Most call Mila officials in the popular tourist spot Bend, Oregon are concerned for this holiday weekend because it's hospitals already overloaded with patients, many of them sick with covert 19 as Joe English from our sister station in Portland reports The hospital is so fill full, I should say, Chief, Dr Jeff Absalon says some patients are being sent out of state to get treatment. A surgeon cove in 19 patients and a rush of people who put off other treatments the past year has seen Charles Healthcare in band packed to the walls. We recognize that our population is gonna surge up over the next three days over this holiday weekend. So this is the time to be cautious 20% of the acute care patients at ST Charles, our covert patients But out of the 500 plus in the hospital since March, 98% have not been vaccinated. If you look at the curves, you can see that over the last several weeks, our cases have continued to be extremely high, and that is different than the rest of the state. We don't have a full explanation as to why that is. We're certainly testing for variance. We don't have that information back yet. Like many other Oregon counties to shoots was moved into a lower risk level this weight because county why did had reached the 65% vaccination numbers needed doesn't concern you, then that Deschutes County was put at a lower risk level. Do you think that was a mistake? Well, we're certainly concerned with regards to people's behaviors, and we encourage people that are not vaccinated to make sure that they continue to mask that they keep their physical distance. And wash your hands, etcetera. And so I do think that the message that we'd like people know is that we're not over this pandemic, and Dr Absalon says While the Koven numbers have been high, they have been coming down. The hospital says the number of staff members out on Corona virus related leave has gone up dramatically since February as well to critical care patients had to be flown to Boise on Thursday. The hospice is they usually go to Portland, Salem or Eugene, but there wasn't room for them there, either. Any grocery stores are easy. There rules about face coverings after the CDC said fully vaccinated, people do not need to wear masks indoors more from call Moses and font, grocery workers say. For the past year, they've struggled to get rules requiring customers damask up and to socially distance. They even fought for hazard pay during the pandemic, because they say their job is so risky now in King County businesses urge shoppers to comply, but shoppers are not required to wear mass that's confusing to so many people and frustrating to grocery workers. Scary. We don't know who's who. Now we, you know, before everybody had to wear a mask. Now we're left wondering who's who who's coming to Earth and who isn't And that's Angel Gonzalez of the Grocery Workers Union, the Department of Labor and Industry says for vaccinated grocery workers to work Without a mask, Employers will have to verify that those employees have gotten the shots. Someone whose time is to 40 as we head over to the beacon plumbing, Sports desk, Mariners and action this weekend Man Madison has the latest Mariners coming off a three to victory on the Rangers last night and will look to get their third straight win tonight. NBA playoffs The Bucks swept the Heat won 22 1 Oh, three following a triple double from Yon is a tense accomp oh, meantime, the Sixers can take a three Nothing serious lead on the Wizards with the win in D. C. The Jazz will be playing with a heavy heart tonight following the passing of Mark Eaton. He died last night from an apparent by crash and the Indianapolis 500 is expecting a sellout crowd of 135,000 fans tomorrow. Race organizers say the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is being capped off at 40% capacity to prevent the spread of covert 19. Former champ Scott ticks and starts at the pole position Sports at 7 40 past the hour. I'm at Madison Co. Moh news somewhere out there. There's a man on a park bench, eating his 5/100 PB and J. He has no idea Papa John's has new papa ideas that are way better than a boring sandwich. With Papa John's best meats, cheeses and veggies hand folded into a crispy flat bread crust. Someone better tell that man get a new property and.

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