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Oh, man. We gotta juicy VR segment this week. Lots to talk about Khalif. I know you've been playing VR all of us have been playing tetris effect because why wouldn't you? It's it's sublime Khalif what what's your feeling on that game? So I was I was skeptical because whenever I see everyone on the internet literally, everyone on the internet gush about a thing. I'm like that can be that good. I can't be that good. His campaign. I like that keeps you in. What not can't be that? Good. It's so good. Ten dentists degree, right? It can't have everybody agreeing right? Listening like Khalif likes it. I news bad. I'm glad I wait. The win on a Russian judge to give the good score it so good. It's like one of those things that when I first sat down with it. I didn't play VR at first because I was like wanna see what kind of kind of feel like without all the bells and whistles with a and then you put the put your home at on your VR on and it such a different experience. It is. So very dislike. Such as Zende out chill experience that you see all these small little things. It's like pop up around you. And it feels like it's surrounding union -veloping you in feels really nice. And then I just love the way that they've just like attached and figured out ways to sink, the music with everything with all the visuals and all that stuff. And it felt like I'm trying to think what it felt like if the first time I sat in New York in watched like, the big Macy's fireworks. It was like that feeling. We're wow. Like, ooh, you can feel all the small little lake intricacies of of all the graphics. They have. And then it's weird because you're trying to play tetris while all this fun stuff is happening around you, and I've been messing up because I'm working at so so much of the cool stuff. That's happening around me that I'm totally botching the actual game playing. So just like, oh, I totally miss that line. Oh, Toby miss that whole thing could have gotten to points of that. But like. Look at that. Really? Don't try and go there just like flew through the like flew through to get to the next part of the layer for the level. It's I I love a love games. Like this. Like these the games that I kind of really appreciate now. My my older wanting something to like go to bed kinda stuff in league going to bed games are things. Like this. Like, I don't know VR is necessarily the best thing for pre bed gaming but this game itself. Even if you're not playing in VR definitely feels like it is like a big Cup of tea before going to bed, which is great is fantastic. It really is. I mean, sublime is I think is the perfect word for it. Is it took a game that is super stressful and made it zen. We actually got a listener who wanted to send in a review of this. What you can. You're welcome to do at DLC feedback at Djamil dot com. This comes from Simon he's from Florence Italy. And he says I love DLC. Never miss an episode. I want to write down a small review and explain why tetris effect is so special end. Well, my game of the year. Please excuse me, a find English as a little bit weird since it's not my mother tongue. He says the pinnacle of Michigan cheese research for sinister. Asia tetris affect is. In fact, the synthesis between luminous and res-. It's the perfect balance of game play music and images. Everything is crafted with care. Nothing left to chance every color every note, every vibration on the controller extremely refined clean its gameplay sharp as a blade, however, stating that it's.

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