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Is our is your mic on savannah. Plug it out maybe It's the same thing from yesterday on her. Keyword is happy. Hr h. a. P. p. y. That's h. a. P. p. y. Text the word happy you got today and tomorrow to keep trying to win that thousand dollars another winner. We've got a bunch of them. Come from this show. And i love it when you guys win. that way Angel let's see what we have in the prize magnon today. The price rights by central family moving starts family owned family owned and operated company. Whenever the marshals need to move we have you sent family moving storage. His family owned and operated get quick instant moving quote online today at santo moving dot com that c. n. t. o. Moving dot com. You put your information. There follows up with the moving day that much easier whether it's a residential move whether it's a commercial move whether you're moving across town cross country they can handle that moving dot com also. Give a hold on instagram. You might see pictures of the baby. That's moving dot com. That's his baby him and his wife's maiden Up for our weather. today's prize. you're going to win. A pair of tickets to enjoy the day at orlando winter and holiday market and that's happening december the second through december the sixth at the orange county convention center there that will showcase a holiday market offering the ultimate gift shopping experience for the entire family. In addition to unique gifts winter festival offer family friendly activities booed fest our best food. I'm sorry beverage off. Options live music and entertainment for all ages and those are the prizes in today's pricing. Why thank you so much. Four zero seven nine one. Six one zero four one or toll-free. It's one triple eight. Nine seven eight one. Oh four once mannequin here. She's looking here. it's okay. We'll we'll wait and let her figure that out in We got Who have on the line fermented speak. Hello how you doing today. I'm doing great. I am wonderful. We have a trivia question for you if you get it right take whatever prize you want. And if you don't get it you can pick either carlos orion or angel to get it right for you. Okay good luck here. You go if you win on your king for a day you get the plug and promote whatever you want you get to give love to whoever you want to get a shout out you know. You're king for a day. If you win here. We go what insects are the most promiscuous insects in the in the world and have the highest f. td rates to back it up. And i guess Spiders spiders Not a bad guests not right. It's not spiders. Who do you want the help. You've got angel. You've got ryan you've got carlos well angel angel what. Insects are the most promiscuous insects and they have the highest. Sat rates to back it up cockroaches. I guess it's not a cockroach Who next you'd think it would be with the name we're going to go with from Daytona beach. hey matt what's up buddy. Well i got so many to choose from. I'm just gonna go crying managed togetherness. Tv because she found out she got brown. that's incorrect. who do you want to help. You've got Ryan and you've got carlos i'm gonna go with the king of trivia trivia. What insects are the most promiscuous insects and have the highest. Sat rates to back it up. I'm assuming that this is why it's their name i do. Actually i do know answer this one. It's kind of their name in the love bug and love. Bugs are not monogamous Some going love bug. It is not love bug. I'm so sorry. I know this i study. We love i actually. I knew these. Who's next thing. We got lines open right now okay. Four zero seven nine one six zero four one or toll-free. It's one triple eight nine. Seven eight one. Oh four math guy. And i'm here to tell you that these bugs i did the math. There's going to be so many bugs. Std's that it's going to take over the world. Every bug is going to have an st. He's serious. Yeah i gotta go back to my job selling ice cream. We brought up kobe in the last night. When you got the there was only three only three people who who want to turn it into still be. He's not a political thing anymore. Guy's it it's just the thing that they're it's filling up the hospitals if you want to argue about the amount of percentage of people that died may more people die of cancer. That's all like minutia man. You're just making things worse. In fact the matter is is that it's filling up the hospitals. It's not good and and we don't. We love everybody. We love everybody so we don't need. We don't need an extra you know Problem extra thing to to kill people so if you want to compare it to other things that's ridiculous. Yeah if the cancer was around before and it was killing people. We didn't need another virus killing more people. That's all we're saying. So russ i gotta rule if you have been consistent. I'm not talking to you guys. But the people who consistently say this and they'd been wrong. The entire time they started with the flu they started. Kill this many people and you've been consistently wrong. I'm not listening to you is moot. I'll listen to people. That have been wondering. I listen to people who who are smart. Who have our scientists have but if you consistently kept that message and tried to basically shut down the virus shame on you to the whole ninety nine point eight percent survive ability rate. Listen is stop with that. There's two hundred fifty thousand people that i don't think those numbers are right. Take off fifty thousand. Then there's two hundred thousand people died and it's still not good if you fill up the hospitals and we all need to work fills the hospitals and then right get treatment for other stuff being a paramedic. She knows a lot of other paramedics. A lot of them are quitting their like. I'm i i. I'm not i'm not i'm not. I'm not risking my life anymore to give people tests and she knows a lot of paramedics who've died so the reality is if you knew someone that died from it was affected. You wouldn't be calm. You wouldn't be arguing so hard against it for some ridiculous reason because you think it's all about control now. It's all about the fact that the hospitals are filled and people are dying and a lot of people are not gonna have loved ones around the table. That's what it's really about. And.

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